xmr stak invalid result

USB DriverSee the xmr stak invalid result. If you are having problems with your computer and bitcoin or Ethereum mining then this is a common problem with the AMD cards. You can see here how to uninstall an AMD driver and install a different driver as has been listed on this website. You will not the most common error when using XMR Stak mining tool.

xmr stak invalid result

If you’re getting an “invalid result” error in XMR-Stak while mining, it means the calculations from your GPU or CPU didn’t check out with the mining pool. Here are a few reasons this might be happening:

1. Hardware Overclocking: If you’ve cranked up the speed of your GPU or CPU (overclocked), it might be acting up and giving out incorrect results. Try toning down the overclocking and see if it helps.

2. Driver Issues: Your GPU drivers might be causing trouble. Ensure you have the right and latest drivers for your hardware. See also the AMD driver uninstaller. (DDU is explained there is pictures)

3. Software Configuration: The way you’ve set up XMR-Stak might not be a perfect match for your hardware. Tweak your configuration settings and see if that solves the problem. Likewise see the SSD Problems as well.

Here’s the deal: too many “invalid results” mean your computing power is going to waste. Keep an eye on this count and investigate if it starts to look unusually high. Your most common errors are going to be:

  • xmr stak invalid result
  • amd invalid result gpu id 0
  • invalid job id xmr stak
  • amd invalid result vega 56
  • xmr stak bad shares
  • xmr stak cryptonight v7
  • xmr-stak amd invalid result gpu id
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The problem is a problem that started in early 2018 and this is because of the way AMD designed the newer drivers in their 18.XXX driver range. You will need to uninstall the driver you have with DDU as explained above on the link and then download the AMD blockchain driver to stop the errors from occurring. See also the Samsung USB Driver not installing as well as the Fix Sony MTP USB Driver.

xmr stak invalid result

How to fix the invalid result

  1. Restart your computer into safe mode;
  2. Use DDU to uninstall your current driver;
  3. Reboot your computer;
  4. Install the AMD Blockchain Drivers
  5. Reboot your computer;
  6. Switch to compute mode;
  7. Start mining again without errors.

This simple solution will fix the xmr stak invalid result for most users. The are other issues with Windows as well on this website. You can also see the no device drivers were found as well as the 0x80004005 windows 10 installation error.



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