Windows 10 taskbar unclickable

USB DriverThe unclickable taskbar Windows 10 a problem? If the taskbar has become unclickable then you will need to take a drastic measure in order to restore these. The problem normally arises when you cant right-click on the clock to see the full clock or the Windows key no longer works. You will need to follow the the instructions below to restore the functionality of the taskbar. You will need to remove the packages on Windows 10 and then restart the computer.

Windows 10 taskbar unclickable

This is another common Windows problem where the taskbar become unclickable. There is also the Windows 10 media creation tool error as well as the internet time tab missing Windows 10 which is also on this website. When in Windows the taskbar in Windows becomes unclickable then you will need to follow the instructions below. These are the two options you have in fixing this Windows 10 problem. The last option is the most common as it requires a log in and a logout. The first option is a bit more complex so maybe you will want to start with the second option and try that first.

Option 1:

Windows 10 taskbar unclickable

  • This brings up your Task Manager
  • Click on File, then click on Run new task
  • Type Powershell into the bar (Tick Create this task with administrative privileges)
  • This opens the Powershell into a Blue DOS screen
  • Copy and paste the following in and wait until it completes

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online

  • Once done you will need to restart and the taskbar will now work.

Remember that the first option will require that you reboot the computer after you have made the changes. The second option is easier to complete and if that does not work then try the option above, the first option. See also the Windows 10 media creation tool error on this website.

Option 2:

  • Press CTR: + ALT+ DEL
  • Click on Sign Out
  • Then sign back in
  • The Windows button now works



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