HP laserjet 1020 driver

USB DriverSee the HP laserjet 1020 driver below for a download. This driver is for the USB Printing Support for the HP LaserJet 1020, HP LaserJet 1022, HP LaserJet 1022n as well as the HP LaserJet 1022nw. These were the latest drivers for the HP printer. Search this website of more drivers from HP.

HP Laserjet 1020 driver

This is the full driver for the HP laserjet 1020 printer. This driver was installed in 09/18/2012 and came as driver version 2012.918.1.57980 which is what we have below. There is also an updated driver which was made and released for Windows 10 in 2016. That was the last driver released for the HP Laserjet 1020. These are large files as the latest file runs about 80MB so you might not want to download it on wireless as it would be expensive. This driver is for the most popular HP LaserJet 1020 series printer ever. Even I own one.

Device Compatibility 

There is also the HP deskjet 1015 driver and the other being the HP laserjet p1100 driver that are all in this stable. There are also the HP laserjet 3380 printer as well as the well-known HP laserjet 1200 driver. Most of these are older than 10 years and are now mainly on the secondhand market where you live. There is also the HP integrated module driver XP and just to add the HP laserjet 1020 driver (this one) and the older HP laserjet 1100 driver on here.

Other Drivers

Other devices on here includes the cp2102 driver as well as the rtl8187 wireless adapter. There is also the csr bluetooth driver which is also another Bluetooth driver. Then the venerable ft232r usb uart driver which is mainly a UART device and not a serial device. Finally the most common error or hardware ID codes you can find. These are the usb\vid_0403&pid_6001&rev_0600 which is a UART code and the  Samsung USB hardware ID code which is usb\vid_04e8&pid_6860&rev_0400&ms_comp_mtp&samsung_android. See further on the installation on the HP Laserjet 3380 printer.


The driver is listed below for downloading.

Driver released : 2012

HP LaserJet 1020 USB


Driver Released : 2016

HP Laserjet 1020 driver


Note : The latest HP printer vulnerabilities.



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