Acer MTP Drivers

USB DriverThis the the driver files for the Acer MTP Drivers. You will find the driver listed below. Note that this is not an exe file. You will need to extract the 3 files to a directory where you will be able to locate them and then ‘right-click’ on the setup file and then click on ‘install’.

Acer MTP Drivers

The Acer MTP, also known as Media Transfer Protocol, acts as a bridge enabling the smooth exchange of media like music and videos between an Acer phone or tablet using Android and other compatible devices.

MTP is a special protocol tailored for smart storage gadgets. Initially created for fetching photos from digital cameras, PTP laid the foundation. However, MTP goes beyond, managing the transfer not just of music to digital audio players and media to portable players, but also handling personal data on digital assistants.

Crucially, MTP is a significant part of WMDRM10-PD, a digital rights management (DRM) service within the Windows Media realm. It operates hand in hand with the “Windows Media” framework, closely linked with Windows Media Player.

Starting with Windows XP SP2, MTP finds support in various Microsoft Windows versions. Windows XP mandates Windows Media Player 10 or higher, while later versions integrate MTP seamlessly. Microsoft even developed an MTP Porting Kit for older Windows versions, reaching back to Windows 98. Additionally, Apple Macintosh and Linux systems offer their own software packages for MTP support.

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In May 2008, the USB Implementers Forum’s device working group officially standardized MTP as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device class. This move solidified MTP’s status as a crucial extension to PTP, sharing the same class code

Note that this is listed as the “ACER USB Composite Device Installation Disk” in the installation disk. It is a small file and this is downloadable here.


Hardware ID

Note that the hardware ID listed below.

Acer MTP
Acer MTP
Acer MTP
Acer MTP

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How to install Acer MTP Drivers

Certainly, here are the steps to install Acer MTP Drivers:

  1. Visit Acer’s Support Website: Go to the Drivers and Manuals section on Acer’s support website.
  2. Provide Device Information: Enter your device’s serial number, SNID, or model number to ensure compatibility.
  3. Select Your Operating System: Choose your operating system (like Windows 10 or Windows 11) to find the compatible drivers.
  4. Navigate to the Driver Section: Look for the Driver category specifically.
  5. Download Acer MTP USB Driver: Find the Acer MTP USB driver you need and click on the download link. The file will be saved in your Downloads folder by default.
  6. Install the Downloaded Driver: Locate the downloaded driver file and install it on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Reboot Your Computer: After the installation is complete, restart your computer to ensure the changes take effect.

Please remember that Acer provides drivers compatible with older operating systems like Windows XP, but if you’re using a newer system like Windows 11, you can also check for driver updates through Windows Update for the most recent and compatible drivers. Likewise see also the HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7 and the ASUS Android MTP Device Driver.

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Acer MTP Drivers Download

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