Nokia USB Modem

USB DriverDownload the Nokia USB modem driver here. This is the USB driver for the Nokia which uses a 7M-02 modem driver. This driver will run on most operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7. It is a small file which will add the driver to your USB modem on your Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia USB Modem

This is the Nokia USB Modem CDC-ECM driver which is sued to connect the old Nokia phone to your computer. The following Nokia models will use this driver:

Nokia USB Modem 7M-01 Wireless Network Device
Nokia USB Modem 7M-02 Wireless Network Device

The Nokia USB Modem is a handy device used for connecting to the internet through cellular or wireless networks. Here’s what makes it great:

  1. Portability: You can carry it anywhere, allowing internet access on the go.
  2. Speed: It provides faster internet speeds compared to using a smartphone as a USB modem.
  3. Hardware: Equipped with a USB plug, it contains an internal chip with a SIM card or USIM card for connection.
  4. Micro SD Card Reader: It often serves as a micro SD card reader, adding versatility.
  5. LED Indicator: External LED lights show availability and connection status, keeping you informed.
  6. Network Technology: Supports advanced technologies like HSPA, HSDPA, and HSUPA, enhancing performance over existing WCDMA protocols.

Remember, specific features can vary by model, so for precise details, always check the product manual or official website.


How do I install a Nokia USB modem on my computer?

Likewise, this is not a full driver for the Nokia modem. You will need to download the file and then extract the content. You will need to find the INF file and then right-click on this file. A new menu will appear and you will then left click on the ‘install’ option. The file you need to do this too is the file called “nokia_usb_modem_cdc_ecm_win7.inf”. This will install the driver on a Windows 7 or even a Windows 10 operating system. This driver was released in 06/22/2011 as is listed as driver version ,5.39.6168.

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In addition please note that these steps might differ slightly based on your Nokia USB Modem model and your computer’s operating system. For detailed instructions, consult your Nokia USB Modem Manual. If you are using a Nokia phone as a modem, Nokia PC Suite can help establish an internet connection. If you face any problems, reach out to official support channels for assistance. Likewise see also the Nokia 2705 USB Driver and Nokia 5130 USB driver.

How do I troubleshoot my Nokia USB Modem?

Certainly, here are simplified troubleshooting steps for your Nokia Modem:

  1. Check the Connection:
    • Connect directly to your Wi-Fi point using an Ethernet cable.
    • If the issue persists, it might be with your Wi-Fi point.
  2. Use the Diagnostic Tool:
    • The Nokia Modem has a diagnostic tool.
    • Go to the main view, select > Tools.
    • Choose “Run diagnostic tool” to identify issues.
  3. Create an Error Report:
    • If problems persist, create an error report to send to Nokia.
    • Select “Enable error reporting mode” and follow the instructions displayed.

Additionally please remember, these steps could vary based on your specific Nokia Modem model and your computer’s operating system. For detailed guidance, consult your Nokia Modem Manual. If you face difficulties, reach out to official support channels for assistance.


Other Devices

There are a number of other devices on this website. A good example of these which also use the INF file for an install is the HTC Windows 7 . Likewise the Sweex LW053 and the Sweex Wireless 54g as an example.


How do I update the firmware of my Nokia USB Modem?

Likewise, here are simplified steps for updating the firmware of your Nokia Modem:

  1. Download Firmware:
    • Get the firmware from the support link and download it to your laptop.
  2. Connect Modem to Laptop:
    • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the modem to your laptop’s LAN port.
  3. Access Web GUI:
    • Open a web browser and enter this URL:
    • Log in using the default username and password (usually found on the modem sticker or provided by support).
  4. Upgrade Firmware:
    • Navigate to “Maintenance” > Click “Firmware Upgrade”.
    • Upload the downloaded file and click upgrade.
    • After the upgrade, try connecting with the Nokia WiFi mobile app.
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Note that you should please remember, these steps might differ based on your specific Nokia Modem model and your computer’s operating system. For detailed guidance, consult your Nokia Modem Manual. If you face issues during the firmware update, reach out to official support channels for help. There is also the csr bluetooth driver windows 7 and finally the rtl8187 wireless driver Windows 10.

Likewise, you can search this website for other devices as most of the hardware on here is older hardware without an drivers. This mainly as the devices are on the secondhand market and does not come with a CD with the drivers. Lastly search here for more information and assistance when installing these old hardware types.


Hardware ID

These are the hardware ID for the driver. See the hardware below for this.

Nokia Modem 7M-02 Wireless Modem


Nokia Modem 7M-02 Diagnostic Device


Nokia Modem 7M-02 Wireless AT Device


Nokia Modem 7M-02 Wireless Modem


Nokia Modem 7M-02 Wireless Network Device



Likewise see also the HTC Modem Driver as well as the Nokia 2228 Driver and Nokia USB Driver.


driver download

Nokia USB Modem 7M-02 Driver

Version: 4.2.8 Date: 09 Sep 2014

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