Xperia XZ USB + ADB Driver

USB DriverThis is the Xperia XZ USB + ADB driver if you wish to connect your Sony Xperia XZ with your computer. With the driver Sony Xperia XZ you will need to install the correct driver. This connection will allow you to transfer files between your mobile phone and your computer. The Sony Xperia XZ is no different. There is also an ADB driver on this website however you will need to be a bit more technically inclined to setup the ADB connection.

Xperia XZ USB + ADB Driver

driver sony xperia xzThis Sony Xperia XZ Android USB driver or driver Sony Xperia XZ will allow you to now connect your mobile phone as an MTP USB device (Media Transfer Protocol) to you home computer as well as to your laptop. You will then be able to transfer images, videos, documents, as well as other files between your phone and computer. See also the Xperia T2 Ultra driver.


Driver Sony Xperia XZ installation

See also the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ADB Driver as well as the Sony Xperia Z USB Driver. You can download the file below in the zip file. Simply extract all the contents of the file into a directory where you can find it. The content of the files labels the drivers as following:

  • Sony sa0115 ADB Interface Driver
  • Sony sa0115 ADB Interface
  • Sony sa0115
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You will need to extract the file and then Right-Click on the file “sa0115adb.inf” as seen below and then click on “Install” on the menu. The driver will then install the Sony XZ driver onto your computer. This will only take a few seconds to install the driver and it is easy to do as can be seen below. This INF file will install much like other driver such as the Xperia Z1 l39h as well as the UART  which is also on this website. There is also the Xperia X Compact driver.


Xperia XZ USB + ADB Driver

The file below should operate on most Windows operating systems. We have used this on a Windows 10 – 64bit system without much of an issue. there are other drivers on this website as well such as the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua driver and the Sony C1605 and C1604 Driver as well as the Sony Xperia Z1.



ADB Driver Xperia XZ USB Download

Let’s break down those steps for installing the ADB driver for the Sony Xperia XZ with some friendly explanations:

  1. Download the Driver Package:
    • Head over to the Xperia devices Developer website and grab the driver package. It’s like getting the secret sauce for your Xperia XZ.
  2. Note the Important Stuff:
    • Remember the name of the folder where you unzip the driver files. It’s like putting a label on a treasure chest so you can find it later.
  3. Open Device Manager:
    • Click on Start and type “device manager.” When it pops up, click on Device Manager. It’s like opening a backstage pass to your computer’s secret world.
  4. Add Legacy Hardware:
    • Right-click on the name of your computer at the top of the device list in Device Manager. Choose “Add legacy hardware.” It’s like telling your computer you’re bringing in something special.
  5. Welcome to the Wizard:
    • In the Add Hardware Wizard, click Next. Think of it like saying “Yes, let’s do this!”
  6. Manual Selection:
    • Choose the option to install the hardware manually. Click Next. It’s like taking control and telling your computer, “I got this!”
  7. Show All Devices:
    • Highlight “Show All Devices” and click Next. It’s like opening up all the possibilities.
  8. Have Disk…:
    • Click “Have Disk…” and in the dialog, click Browse. Find the driver file that ends with “adb” (remember that note from step 1). It’s like pointing your computer to the right file.
  9. Install From Disk:
    • Click Open. In the Install From Disk dialog, click OK. It’s like telling your computer, “Yep, this is the one!”
  10. Select the Driver File:
    • Highlight the file (ending with adb) and click Next twice. The installation magic begins. It’s like setting things in motion.
  11. Finish and Restart:
    • Click Finish. Now, restart your computer. It’s like putting the finishing touch on a masterpiece.
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Voila! Your Xperia XZ is now ready to dance with your computer like never before. Likewise see also the Install ADB interface driver Xperia as well as the USB shows please insert a device.


driver download

Xperia XZ USB + ADB Driver

ADB Driver – Version 1.43

ADB Driver – Version 1.30



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