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Motorola C350 C353 USB Modem

Motorola C350 C353 USB ModemThe Motorola C35 to C353 USB is known as the “Motorola USB Device” in the internal ID of the hardware. This was a very popular “Motorola USB Modem” when it came out. The driver for the USB modem has been listed below. Check you hardware to ensure you have a C350 or C353 modem from Motorola.

You will note that in the hardware ID files that it lists the modem by a number of names other than the USB modem that it is.  It also lists the modem as a USB CDMA modem and a USB SM6050 modem. as stated above check the modem that you have. Its a small file and an inf file so extract the 3 files inside and right click on the inf file then click install. Very simply to install the driver.


%USBCDMA%            = USBCDMA,    USB\VID_22B8&PID_0005
%USBLCA%         = USBLCA, USB\VID_22B8&PID_3802
%USB1XCDMA%         = USB1XCDMA, USB\VID_22B8&PID_2805
%USB1XCDMA5100%     = USB1XCDMA5100, USB\VID_22B8&PID_2822
%USBTALON%         = USBTALON, USB\VID_22B8&PID_3002
%USBEZX%        = USBEZX, USB\VID_22B8&PID_6002
%USBMSM6050%    = USBMSM6050, USB\VID_22B8&PID_2A02


Motorola C350 C353 USB


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