Motorola USB C650 Modem

Motorola USB C650 ModemThis is the driver for the Motorola USB C650 Modem. This is a very popular late 2003 modem made by Motorola. The Motorola C650 Modem is very similar to the Motorola C350 but with more features. The file is listed below and note that this driver was made for a Windows XP operating system. You can see those pages as well. These are very old phones.

Motorola USB C650 Modem

If you are going to try to run this modem on a Windows 7 operating system then you have to look at running it in Windows Compatibility mode. This is explained here for another device with the same problem. There is also the Motorola device manager on this website.

Other Motorola Products

These are the Motorola USB C650 seen here as well as the Motorola V3 Razr and  Cytron USB to UART Converter as well. There is also the Motorola C550 and finally the Motorola Device Manager as you can see. The Motorola C353 driver is a combination driver however.

Installing the Motorola C650 USB

Motorola USB C650 ModemMuch like the other drivers on this website, this is not a full driver but a barebones driver. This will allow you to use the hardware without any additional software. There are many software packages in Windows itself that will allow you to connect your  Motorola C650 to your computer. Much like the download ft231x usb uart driver which is a UART without software or the ft232r usb uart Windows 10 on this website.

Motorola Hardware ID’s

There are a number of files. These describe the hardware as  its for the Motorola V878 and V690 phones and that it is the driver for a Motorola USB modem. USB Modem with Qualcomm 6050 chipset support as well as support for the QualComm 6100 and 6300 chipsets.

See also  Intel Android USB Driver

motorola c650


This is the Motorola Comp Modem


Motorola USB modem


Hardware ID – UNIMODEM2303. The Motorola product model which report using these Unimodem ID values are:

  • V878 GSM Phone
  • V690 GSM Phone
  • V872 GSM Phone


Hardware ID – UNIMODEM2303. The Motorola product model which report using these Unimodem ID values are:

  • V295 GSM Phone


This is for the Timeport 280 (T280), Timeport 280i (T280i) as well as the Timeport 280m (T280m). There is also the P280, A830 and finally the A835 mobile phones. These are for the Motorola Infra-Red enabled products under IRENUM.


This is for the Motorola USB Modem


The hardware ID’s are UNIMODEMDEBC3E9F, UNIMODEM99EF5971, UNIMODEM3A080733, UNIMODEM01193027 as well as the UNIMODEM4E8A1DD4 ID. Again this covers the Timeport 280 Family as well as the V.Series 60 Family and the V.Series 66 and finally the V.Series 70. there is also the A830 Family and CDMA 1X Family.

These hardware ID’s belong to the following mobile phones which use this driver. Download the zip file below and then extract the content. the right-clcik on the INF file and Windows, even Windows 10 will install the basic driver for you. Keep you phone on and attached to your computer when doing this.


driver download

Motorola USB C650 Modem



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