Motorola C550 USB Device

Motorola USB Device C550 The Motorola C550 USB driver is for a USB modem. Much like the Motorola C650 and the Motorola 350 it is a well known product which is still being used today by many. Ensure that you have the correct modem and not one of the other Motorola devices before you install this driver.

Motorola C550 USB Device

Much like everything on the internet always ensure that you scan all your files for viruses before you install it onto your computer. This website is no different. This is also known as the C550, Motorola Flash Interface, Motorola USB Device and the CanoScan N670U/N676U. These are the Motorola USB C650 as well as the Motorola Device Manager and  Motorola C353 as well. There is also the Motorola C550 and finally the driver Motorola v3 as you can see. You can also look at the older UART hardware such as the ft232r driver and the ft232rl driver.

Installing the Motorola C550 driver

This driver was released 20 years ago as the Windows 2000 USB Modem setup file. If you have this now then you will need to install this on Windows 10 in the compatability mode of the computer. See the explanation below.

Note: There is no Windows 7 or Windows 10 driver for this hardware. This was the last driver for this hardware as it is very old and was never updated again. What you could try is running the driver in compatibility mode.

1. Place the driver installation file on the Desktop.

2. Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab.

3. Select Windows XP for compatibility mode.

4. Click Apply

5. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.


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Motorola USB Device C550


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