Samsung ML-2165W Printer Mac OS

USB DriverDownload the Samsung ML-2165W Printer Mac OS driver here. If you have a Samsung ML-2165W Printer Scanner then you can download the driver version 5.02 which has been added below for download. You can also search this website for other printer drivers from Samsung. Note that this driver will work on the Mac OS.

Samsung ml-2165w driver

The driver for the Samsung ML-2165W was released in March 2016 and will work on the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS

There a number of other drivers on here from Samsung. These are not printer drivers bust a range of them. These include but not limited to theSamsung usb driver for mobile phones. This as well as the or hardware ID’s such as the Samsung syncmaster 2233rz

The Samsung ML-2165W is a black-and-white printer that can print up to 20 pages in just one minute. It’s like a ninja for your documents! Plus, it can print on both sides of the paper if you want, which is pretty cool. The printer can handle 150 sheets of paper in its regular tray and 10 sheets in a special one just for important stuff.

It’s not picky about what you feed it either – you can use it for envelopes, labels, thick paper (cardstock), and see-through sheets (transparencies). The printer can connect to your computer or other devices using a regular USB cable or through WiFi.

This is a monitor as well as the hardware usb\vid_04e8&pid_6860&rev_0400 ID. There is also the Samsung ml 4600 on here. See also the driver samsung a5 as well. This is the Samsung ML-2165W Printer Mac OS.

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Samsung ML-2165W Printer


*Not the same driver as the Samsung ml 1915 driver.