[Solved] Samsung USB Driver not installing

USB DriverThe [Solved] Samsung USB Driver not installing is explained. There could be one of two problems when the USB driver is not doing what it should be doing. The first part is hardware and the second part is software. If neither of them work then you are going to have to take your phone in to be seen too.

Samsung USB Driver not installing

Sometimes, when you’re trying to connect your Samsung device to your computer using a USB cable, you might run into some problems. Here’s what could be going wrong. Broken USB Cable: If your cable is damaged or frayed, it won’t work properly when you try to connect your phone or tablet. Using the Wrong Cable: If you’re using a USB cable that didn’t come with your Samsung device, it might not work correctly. You need to use the original cable that came with your device. Likewise see also the Fix Sony MTP USB Driver and Acer MTP Drivers.

Broken USB Port: The little hole where you plug in your USB cable on your phone or computer might be damaged. If it’s not working, your devices won’t be able to talk to each other. Computer Settings: Sometimes, your computer’s settings can mess things up. If your computer’s power settings are wonky, they might stop your phone from connecting properly.

Software Problems: When your computer updates, it might install the wrong software for your USB ports. This means your devices can get power from the computer, but they can’t communicate properly. Installation Issues: When you try to install the necessary software (called drivers) on your computer, sometimes security programs can block it, causing problems. Likewise see also the ASUS Android MTP Device Driver and HTC MTP Device Driver Win 7.

If you’re having these issues, try using a different cable or USB port. You can also check your computer’s power settings. If that doesn’t work, ask someone for help, like a tech-savvy friend or even Samsung’s customer service.


Samsung Driver Solution 1:

USB SocketThe first and most common problems can be that the USB socket of the computer is no longer working properly as the center piece in the USB port is bent. This is a common problem as inserting and removing USB connectors does bend the middle of the USB port. See if it is still straight.

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You can see from this picture what it is that I am talking about. That centre piece of the USB port does bend upwards or sideways as you pull out the USB adapter each time. Very common problem when you are using the front ports of your computer. See also the Samsung USB driver on here as well as the Samsung Syncmaster 2233rz as well.

Samsung Driver Solution 2:

The next problem tends to be a motherboard problem. Some computers will not run the USB port from the front sockets of the computer. As an example My Dell Computer does not allow me to access my Iphone from the front sockets without loads of problems. Sticking it into the rear USB ports always works without an issue. You might have the same problem.

Samsung Driver Solution 3:

Corrupt software can also present a problem. This will show in the Device Manager of you computer. The easiest way to get there is to:

  • Click on the Start menu and type devmgmt.msc then hit Enter

The following screen will come up. If there is an error then it will show that there is a USB problem and the driver will be the issue. If there is no problem you will get a screen as I have at the bottom. See the Samsung USB Driver on the other page.


Nothing wrong there however if you had a problem then you would see the following screen.


What you need to do when you see this error is to “Right-Click” on the device and then click “Uninstall”. Ensure that you phone has been disconnected and also remove all other USB devices in the ports.


You now need to reboot the computer. Once back now install the Samsung USB driver or the Samsung Android Driver and let the device install the software on its own. This would normally solve the issue most times.

Samsung Driver Solution 4:

There may be an MTP-USB driver failure. As before get in to the Device Manager and from there see if you have any errors showing such as that listed below where it shows an MTP error.


If you have one of these errors then “Right-Click” on the MTP Device and Click on “Update Software” and then browse to where you had downloaded the driver too. It will then update the MTP driver to the latest one you had downloaded. This would solve the issue.

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Samsung Driver Solution 5:

This is common with the Samsung being mainly the Galaxy phone. The OS I am using is in English so if you have a Spanish system then the command will be in Spanish. Click on [start] and at the bottom type in CMD which will bring the OS with the DOS command up. copy and past this in the command line:

net localgroup Administrators local service /add

That will put most MTP and Driver issues to bed right there. Find the equivalent in your language if the operating system is not in English. If this has not worked then try the next solution as one of them is going to fix it. This solves most of the Samsung USB driver not installing issues.

Samsung Driver Solution 6:

The next solutions that has worked for some was to unmount and remove the SD Card from the phone and then connecting the phone without the card. Once connected and recognised unplug the phone and turn it off. Insert the SD Card again and turn on the phone. Normally this will bring the phone back to normal for some users.

Samsung Driver Solution 7:

  • Click Start, right-click on Computer and select Properties.
  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Click on View and click on Show Hidden devices.
  • Navigate to Universal Bus Controllers“
  • Right-click on it and choose “Uninstall” for all the USB devices listed there.
  • After the un-installation, click “Action – Scan for hardware changes”.
  • Install the device again.
  • Reboot the computer and see how it works.

Those are the 7 solutions for the USB and MTP problems with the Samsung phones. If they do not work then the solutions are more difficult to find. Check your cables and ensure that work and also don’t connect to the USB hub and they can also create problems. Most people have fixed the phone with one of these solutions. This is the Samsung usb driver not installing article and not the same as the Samsung ml 1915 driver.



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