Samsung GT-S5303 Windows 7

USB DriverThe Samsung GT S5303 from Samsung is another phone which you can connect to your USB tether cord and access the phone from your computer. You will have to install the USB driver for Samsung and will then have to access the phone from the software menu system. This is standard software for the Samsung range of mobile phones including the Samsung GT-S5303.

Samsung GT-S5303 Windows 7

Below you will find the driver as well as the Samsung USB driver. The Samsung scx 3405fw driver as well as the Samsung GT-S7392, Samsung GT-S5303 as well as the Samsung CLP-300 are also on this website. There are number of other Samsung drivers on this website as well. You can find more on the sidebar where you can use the search function. The Samsung GT-S5303 for Windows 7 is a generic driver from Samsung. You can click below and it will sake you o the page where the Samsung USB driver is located.


installing the Samsung GT-S5303

Download the zip file and then click on the file inside. This will install the USB driver for Samsung. This will install on the Windows 7 as well as on the Windows 10 operating system. Click the link below and see how to install the Samsung driver from there. This is not like the Samsung QL6100 which is a Samsung printer driver like the Samsung ML 1610 or the Samsung SCX 4623F which is a Samsung scanner. This is only for the Samsung USB port.Youi can search for other Samsung devices on this website on the sidebar with the search engine.

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USB Connection

  1. sing Samsung Kies:
    • Make sure Samsung Kies is installed on your computer. You can grab it from the Samsung website.
    • Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable; Samsung Kies should start automatically.
    • If it doesn’t, you can manually launch Samsung Kies by double-clicking its icon on the computer.
    • For more detailed instructions, consult the user manual.
  2. Alternatively, with My Phone Explorer:
    • Install My Phone Explorer on your computer and your Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5303.
    • Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Run the My Phone Explorer app on your phone.
    • Open the app on your computer and select the “Connect” option.
    • Wait for the synchronization to complete.
    • Access the desired folder and follow the necessary steps.
    • For more detailed instructions, refer to the user manual.

Remember, the user manual holds more in-depth information on these processes, so it’s always a good idea to consult it for a clearer understanding. The Samsung driver below is the universal USB driver for the Samsung mobile phones.


Samsung USB driver for mobile phones


With this driver you should be able to access most Samsung range of mobile phones. See the link for the software as well as a standard Samsung mobile phone driver.



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