Samsung Galaxy Note 7 driver for Windows

USB DriverThe latest mobile phone from Samsung is the Galaxy Note 7. If you wish to connect the Galaxy Note 7 to your computer then you will need to download the driver below. This software will allow you to transfer files between your computer and you mobile phone. If you wish to debug your phone then you will also need to use the ADB driver which is used for debugging.

Galaxy Note 7 driver for Windows

Note that this driver has compatibility with following versions of Windows: Win XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1/Win 10 (32/64bit). This would allow it to run on most computers today. There are also other drivers such as the generic Samsung USB driver and the Samsung Android drivers also located on this website. This driver will allow you to access the mobile phone without much of an issue where you can backup your Samsung Note 7 phone as well as restore and reset your mobile phone. Download the zip file with the USB driver in it. Then simply click on the file inside and the driver will install and you will then be able to access your mobile phone via your computer. You can also find the Samsung Note 7 ADB driver on this website here.

driver download

Galaxy Note 7 driver for Windows 


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