Axesstel MV400 Router

router username passwordSee the Axesstel MV400 router username and password with the login IP here. You can also see how to change the router IP as well as how to change the DNS of the router to OpenDNS ot to Google. The process has been listed below. You can also see on this website the ASUS UART drivers as well as the Intel UART Whiskey Lake drivers. In any event this page covers the routers only. The the rest of the website for UART drivers.

Axesstel MV400 Router

We are covering certain aspects of this router. Firstly there is the how to change the IP on the router. Then how to change the DNS of the router. Maybe use the OpenDNS or Google DNS if their local ISP blocks certain websites. You can see how to complete this below.

Change the IP Address on Axesstel MV400

To change the IP on the Axesstel router will need you to login with the default username and password. Then click on the “Network” tab at the top where it says LAN. From there you can see the router IP which would also be the IP you login to the router now. Change the D8190AF router IP there and then click – save. Now always remember to leave the Subnet Mask at simply because this is the default network. Also now leave the DHCP Server enabled as it was. Now restart the router.

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Axesstel MV400 username and password

The username and password for the Axesstel MV400 is admin | admin. Also the most likely IP for the MV400 router is going to be one of the following IPs on your network. This IP can be | | . These are the default IP address for most Axesstel routers.Note that it will be the one which you had chosen before when you changed the IP address on the router. See also the Axesstel AXW-D800 router as well as the Axesstel AXV-D450 router. There is also the Axesstel D8190AF Router can be found here.

Change the Axesstel MV400 DNS

So now you want to change the MV400 DNS  on the router, then like the others the process is the same. You will first need to login to the router using the IP address as above. The IP address of the MV400 router as well as the default username and password of the Axesstel MV400 router. Once you are in the menu system of the router you will then click on the “network” button. Look below this and now change the primary DNS as well as the secondary DNS as seen below.

Axesstel D8190AF username and password


The DNS IP’s are as follows for Google as well as OpenDNS.

Axesstel D8190AF Router

Google Public DNS, use the following settings:

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

OpenDNS, use the following settings:


You can use those DNS IP’s for the router. These are the most basic settings for the router.


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