USB DriverThe hardware of USB\VID_0A5C&PID_216A is linked to a device called Dell Wireless 1450 802.11a/b/g USB 2.0 Adapter. It helps devices connect wirelessly, and you can find the necessary software on the Dell US Support website.


The Dell Wireless DW1708 43142Y combo is a special card that combines both WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0+HS in one. It’s used for adding wireless and Bluetooth features to devices, especially certain Dell laptops like Inspiron and Latitude models.

These gadgets communicate with the computer’s operating system through drivers. Drivers are like translators that help the device and the computer understand each other. When you pair a wireless or Bluetooth device with your computer, the operating system uses these drivers to make sure they can talk to each other, allowing data transfer and wireless communication. Likewise see also the USB\VID_0A5C&PID_6412 as well as the hardware ID also for the following hardware which is the USB\VID_04CA&PID_2013 as well. Lastly also see the USB\VID_04CA&PID_2009 on here.

Note that this is the Bluetooth only. This comno hardware is for the Inspiron 2350 running the Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system. You will need to download the full driver from Dell as its a 367mb file. You will note that this is only for the Bluetooth and nothing else.

The Dell Wireless DW1708 43142Y combo is a special card that fits the Next-Generation Form Factor (NGFF). It brings together WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0+HS on a single card. This card is made to work best with specific Dell laptops like Inspiron 5455, Inspiron 11 (3147), 13 (7347), 13 (7348), 11 (3148), 15 (5555), 17 (5755), Latitude 3340, and XPS 12 (9Q33), XPS 11 (9P33). See also the Dell inspiron realtek audio driver as well as the realtek gbe usb driver.

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To make it all work, this combo card talks to the device’s operating system through drivers. These drivers are like middlemen that help the operating system and the device understand each other. So, when you connect a wireless or Bluetooth device to your computer, the operating system relies on these drivers to make sure they can chat with each other. This communication is what allows data to flow and wireless features to work. Likewise see also the Broadcom bluetooth driver Windows 10 as well as the Realtek network driver Windows 10.


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