Inspiron 3138 Realtek Network Driver

Computer DriverIf you are looking for the Inspiron 3138 Realtek Network Driver then you can look for the driver below. The hardware in the Inspiron 3138 is the same hardware which you will find in the Vostro 5470 as well as in the Vostro 5480 and the Inspiron 3043 computer. There are other software such as that for the USB driver and the UART drivers for additional equipment which many be connected to the computer. Note that this is a Windows 10 both 32bit as well as the 64bit driver.

Inspiron 3138 Realtek Network Driver

You will need to download the Realtek network card for the Inspiron 3138. Download the zip file and open it when you are finished downloading the file. Open the file and click on the file to install the driver. It may install or it may also extract the drivers into the Dell directory on your C:\ drive. Open the directory and click on the install file in the directory which the software created. This take a few seconds depending on your computer hardware.

Version : 10.1.505.2015

Last Updated : 01 Oct 2015

Supported Operating SystemsWindows 10, 32-bit / Windows 10, 64-bit


Can you help me troubleshoot my network connection?

I can help you figure out what’s going on with your network connection. Likewise see also the Inspiron 3043 Realtek PCIe GBE Network Card as well as the Inspiron 3135 Network Driver PCIe GBE Realtek on here.  Here are some things you can try:

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  1. Update Everything: Make sure your computer’s software is all up-to-date, especially the BIOS (basically the computer’s brain) and the drivers that help it talk to the internet.
  2. Optimize Your Network: If there’s a tool on your computer that helps make your internet work better, run it. It’s like giving your network settings a little tune-up.
  3. Use the Windows Troubleshooter: Your computer has a built-in tool that can find and fix common connection issues. It’s like a detective for your internet.
  4. Check Airplane Mode: Make sure your computer isn’t in Airplane mode. This mode turns off all wireless connections, and you might have turned it on without realizing.
  5. Restart Everything: Turn off and then turn back on your internet router or modem. Sometimes a fresh start is all it takes to get things working smoothly again.
  6. Look at the Cables: If you’re using a cable to connect to the internet, check that it’s plugged in properly at both ends – on your computer and at the router or wherever it connects.

If these steps don’t solve the problem, Dell has some more in-depth guides you can check out. They’ve got an official guide on fixing internet issues, and there’s even a video guide that might make things clearer. Likewise see also the article on here with the Inspiron 5439 Realtek GBE PCI Network Driver as well as the Inspiron 3043 Realtek Audio Driver Win 10.



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Inspiron 3138 Realtek Network Driver