Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB Driver

Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB DriverThe Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB driver listed here is for the Visioneer 4400 Scanner. This includes the model FU661E scanner. Note you have to uninstall your current drivers before you install this driver. Note also that this will work on a Windows 98/Me and also the Windows 200/XP range of operating systems.

Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB Driver

The Visioneer 4400 USB scanner driver which you can download below. You will need to download the driver and then extract the content. You will then click on the EXE file and then the driver will install on your computer. If you are trying to use Windows 10 then you will need to right-click on the EXE file and then click on the new menu and “troubleshoot compatibility”. Windows 10 will then attempt to install the driver in the emulation mode. You will need to restart your computer after this to ensure that the driver has been properly installed.

The drive installation is much like the Visioneer OneTouch 7100 Scanner USB Driver as well as the Visioneer OneTouch 8900 USB and the Visioneer OneTouch 9120 Drivers. These are all listed on this website for you to download and install should you not have the driver already. These older drivers are becoming more difficult to find.

Download the driver below Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB Driverbut as you know this hardware is many years old. Trying to run it on a modern Windows 7 or Windows 10 system has to be completed in a different method.

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Extract the file as there is only one. Then Right-Click on the EXE file and then click on “troubleshoot compatibility” in the new menu as can be seen. Windows 7 and Windows 10 will then try and install it in a emulation mode. It will work after that. You can see the graphic above as to what you will see. This will open the installation process and will then install the driver and try different options. This depending on the operating system that you are using.


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Visioneer 4400 Scanner USB

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