Accton EW3301 Driver

Accton EW3301 DriverThe Accton EW3301 driver is listed below and we have added the hardware ID’s to the listing so you may ensure that you have the correct file for the hardware you have. Scan all files for malware and software before you install any file from the internet.

Accton EW3301 Driver

This driver uses the same internals of oher hardware and has been used by many other hardware adapters. These have ranged from the Cheetah Wireless PCMCIA as well as other wireless adapters such as the Accton AC-EW3101 wireless. There is another driver on this website being the Accton WN3501C driver adapter. The cp2102 driver can also be found on this website.

Note that this driver works on many USB devices and these are listed below:

  • Accton WN3301 Cheetah Wireless PCMCIA
  • Accton WN3301 F/G Wireless PCMCIA

This is the older Cheetah Wireless which was used on laptops before the advent of better technology. These are two versions of the hardware. The following wireless adapters are the PCMCIA card which are also at least 10 years old. The hardware between the two are very similar but not the same. The driver however ensures that the basic hardware works on both. See also the article on Serial Port Cards as well as the  Samsung Android USB Device Driver on here.

  • Accton AC-EW3101 Wireless PCMCIA
  • Accton AC-EW3101 Wireless PCMCIA (3V)

The Accton 3V version is also similar to the other. The PCMCIA hardware are however very similar.

  • Accton WN3101A Mini-PCI Wireless Adapter
  • Accton WN3601A Mini-PCI Wireless/Modem Combo Adapter
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These are the Mini-PCI wireless versions of the same hardware.

  • Accton WN3201 Cheetah Wireless PCI Adapter
  • Accton WN3501D Wireless USB Adapter

As you will see it will work on any of the above devices from the Cheetah Wireless PCMCIA right down to the EW3301 PCI adapter card. This is a Windows 98/2000/XP driver. These were the last drivers and you are going to find great difficulty running this on a Windows 10 machine or later. There is also the Prolific USB to Serial Driver on here for download.


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