Accton WN3501C Driver

Accton WN3501C Driver See the last Accton WN3501C Driver  which was released. This is the driver for the “Accton 11 Mbps USB adapter” also known as the Accton WN3501C, This driver was designed for Windows 200 and Windows XP systems. Note this is not software but the driver only. See you hardware to ensure you have the correct hardware for this driver file.

Accton WN3501C Driver

The driver has been listed below for download. You will note that you cannot run this on the latest Microsoft software. It will not run unless you attempt to run this on compatibility mode. There is another driver on this website being the Accton EW3301 driver as well as the cp2102 driver as well.

This is in a zip file. You will need to extract the driver and then check where you extracted the file to. Once you find the directory you can then right-click on the .exe file and then run this is compatibility mode. The compatibility mode for this driver will be Windows 2000. This as it was designed to run on it. Other operating systems will not work. As stated this hardware is more than 10 years old and is most found on old computer wireless hardware. There is no guarantee that this will work. You will need to run this at your own risk.

If you are running old hardware then this will still run perfectly on the old Windows XP system. There are still a few million XP machines on the market many in use by governments. You will be able to run it on Windows XP without the need for compatibility. If you still have a Windows XP system, there there are many drivers on here that still works on Windows XP as most of the drivers on this website is for hardware that is older than 10 years.

Download Accton WN3501C Driver


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