Canon Pixma MP250 Driver

USB DriverThis was the last drivers released for the Canon Pixma MP250 series of printers or the Canon mp250 driver. The driver was released in 2012 and will work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 operating systems. You might need to run the driver in compatibility mode if you have another operating system.

Canon Pixma MP250 Driver

You will need to check the Canon website for more information if you are having problems with the printer and also see if they can assist you with another driver for a different OS. The printer still has a very good release value and there are still many units doing the rounds. It was one of the better printers Canon brought out. The hardware ID shows that it is a Canon MP250 Scanner or WIA Canon MP250 service. Note again that this is a 2005 driver as the hardware is more than 15 years old. Installing this into a modern OS can present a problem. The Canon MP Drivers Version 1.04 64-bit Edition is further explained.

Cannon MP250 Troubleshooting

The problem with the Cannon scanner was that it has issues when the printer was connected to a network hub. The hub at times did not all the scanner to function. If you are having a connection problem then remove the  printer from the hub. See if it will function without the hub present. Try and change the port on the hub or on your computer. See USB problems on this website. Sometimes the front USB ports on the computer does not work too well with this.

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When scanning large documents the virtual memory on the computer might run out. This will give you an error when scanning with the Cannon MP250 scanner. Increase your virtual memory on your computer and then reboot and try again. These had been the two most common problems with this scanner.

Installation of Cannon MP250 driver

Download the file below and then extract the contents form the file. There are now two options with this. The first ios that you are using an older operating system and you can simple ‘DrvSetup’ and then click on install. The scanner driver will then install without an issue.

canon mp250 driver

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10 then right-click on the install file called “Setup64” and the click on “Compatibility Troubleshooter”. Windows 10 will then attempt to install the older driver on Windows 7 or Windows 10 as it it was running an older system.

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Canon Pixma MP250 Driver



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