Realtek High Definition Audio

USB DriverDownload the realtek high definition audio usb here. This driver was released in June 2015 for the Realtek High Definition Audio Codec. It is one of the most used codec files on the internet. This is the latest release. Always ensure that you have the correct hardware before you download any software. This is a large 200MB file.

Realtek High Definition Audio

Realtek High Definition Audio is a special type of software that helps your computer talk to its audio parts like speakers and microphones. Imagine it as a translator between your computer and your sound devices.

Realtek made this software for different versions of Windows and Linux. It’s like a toolbox that comes with special tools for both old and new Windows versions.

Besides the basic audio stuff, there’s a cool feature called 3D SoundBack. It’s like a time machine for audio effects, bringing back cool sounds from older games when you play them on newer Windows systems.

You can get this software from the official Realtek website or through Windows Device Manager. Just like updating apps on your phone for better performance, it’s important to keep these audio drivers updated. That way, your computer sounds great and you won’t have any problems hearing your favorite tunes or game effects.


How do I update my audio driver?

Updating your audio driver is important for better sound quality and fixing issues. Here’s how you can do it, and don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds:

1. Use Device Manager:

  • Right-click the Start menu.
  • Select “Device Manager.”
  • Look for “Sound, video, and game controllers” and click to expand it.
  • Right-click on your sound/audio card.
  • Select “Update driver.”
  • Choose “Search automatically for drivers.”

2. Use Windows Update:

  • Click on the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  • Click on System and Security, then select Windows Update.
  • Choose “Check for Updates.”
  • Wait for the results and look for audio drivers.
  • Click “Install.”

3. Download from Manufacturer’s Website:

  • Visit your device manufacturer’s website.
  • Look for the latest audio drivers for your specific model.
  • Download and install the drivers.


  • Always restart your computer after updating to activate the changes.
  • If you face issues, there are online guides and tutorial videos to help.
  • If it still seems tricky, consider getting help from a professional.

By following these steps, you can ensure your audio works smoothly and sounds great!


Common issues with the Realtek High Definition Audio

Users might face a few common problems with Realtek High Definition Audio:

  1. Outdated Audio Driver: If your driver isn’t updated, it might not work well with your system or hardware.
  2. Conflict between Microsoft and Realtek Drivers: Sometimes, drivers from Microsoft and Realtek clash, causing issues.
  3. Audio Service Problems: If the audio service isn’t running, your sound won’t work properly.
  4. Wrong Audio Settings: Messed-up settings can cause various audio problems.
  5. Incorrect Output Device: If you’re not hearing sound, you might have the wrong output device selected.
  6. Missing Audio Manager Icon: Without the icon, adjusting audio settings becomes tricky.
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Luckily, these problems usually have solutions. You can update your drivers, double-check settings, or troubleshoot your hardware. If problems persist, consider getting help from professionals or your device’s support team. Don’t worry, these issues are common, and there are ways to fix them!


How do I troubleshoot my audio settings?

Troubleshooting audio issues can seem complicated, but don’t worry, it’s manageable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you fix common audio problems on your computer:

  1. Check for Muting:
    • Make sure your sound isn’t muted. Use your keyboard’s volume controls or check app settings.
    • Ensure no physical mute switches are activated.
  2. Verify Default Audio Device:
    • Confirm the right audio device is selected as the output. You can do this in the taskbar or Control Panel.
  3. Run Windows Audio Troubleshooter:
    • Open Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I.
    • Go to Update & Security -> Troubleshoot.
    • Click on “Playing Audio” and run the troubleshooter.
    • Choose the audio device you want to troubleshoot.
  4. Reboot Audio Services:
    • Restart audio services to fix issues.
  5. Turn Off Audio Enhancements:
    • Disable audio enhancements in your sound settings, as they might cause problems.
  6. Change Audio Format:
    • Sometimes, changing the audio format can resolve issues.
  7. Update Your Audio Driver:
    • If nothing else works, update or reinstall your audio driver.

Remember to restart your computer after making changes for them to take effect. If problems persist, consider seeking help from a professional or watching tutorial videos. Just follow these steps carefully, and you’ll likely get your audio back on track.


Realtek High Definition Audio features

Realtek High Definition Audio brings fantastic audio features to your computer, making your sound experience top-notch:

  1. High-Quality Playback and Recording: Enjoy top-notch audio playback and recording with high-fidelity sound.
  2. Advanced Audio Effects and Customization: Customize your audio with advanced effects, tailoring it to your preferences.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and control your audio easily thanks to its intuitive user interface.
  4. Perfect Windows Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Windows, ensuring smooth operation within Windows-based systems.
  5. Wide Hardware Compatibility: Compatible with a broad range of audio hardware, ensuring versatility.
  6. Support for DTS, Dolby, and Surround Sound: Realtek HD Audio Manager supports DTS, Dolby, and Surround Sound, enhancing your audio experience.
  7. Audio Configuration Options: Helps you configure your speaker system, letting you choose the best audio setup.
  8. Room Correction Feature: Correct your audio setup with the Room Correction tab, adjusting speaker volumes individually.
  9. Multiple Channel Support: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver supports multiple channels, offering high-quality playback with 10 DAC channels supporting 7.1 surround sound.
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With these features, Realtek High Definition Audio ensures your computer delivers impressive, high-quality sound tailored just for you.


realtek high definition audio usbNote that there are two drivers. There is a 32bit version as well as a 64bit version. There is another 2016 driver on this website for Windows 10. The Realtek high definition audio usb is easy to install. You will note that this is the older version of the driver. Finally it still works on Windows 10 but these are for the codec ALC255, ALC235 as well as ALC867. This is the installation of the Realtek high definition audio usb. Search this website for more information on the Realtek devices.


Other Drivers

In the space of computer hardware, having the right drivers is essential for seamless functionality. Among these, the FT 232 USB driver stands out as a crucial component, acting as the USB UART driver for your computer. Ensuring connectivity and data transfer, this driver bridges the gap between your device and the computer, enabling efficient communication.

Additionally, the GT-S7392 USB driver, specifically designed for Samsung devices, plays a pivotal role. It facilitates smooth data exchange between your Samsung smartphone and the computer, ensuring proper synchronization and file transfers. Similarly, the Samsung GT-S7392 USB driver and the Samsung GT-S5303 Windows 7 driver further enhance the compatibility of Samsung devices with Windows systems. These drivers, provided by Samsung, guarantee that your smartphone integrates seamlessly with your computer, enhancing user experience.

Furthermore, the technological landscape extends to Android devices, with the RTL8723 Android driver BT download becoming imperative. This Realtek driver enables Bluetooth functionality on Android devices, opening avenues for wireless connectivity and data sharing. Additionally, the Realtek USB 2.0 card reader driver for Windows 8.1 and the Realtek audio 32-bit driver for Windows 7 & 8 are indispensable components. These drivers optimize USB and audio functionalities, respectively, enhancing the overall performance of your computer system.

In the domain of smartphones, the HTC USB PC driver emerges as a cornerstone. Tailored for HTC devices, this driver ensures flawless connections between HTC smartphones and computers, allowing seamless data transfers and synchronization. So yes this is the Realtek high definition audio USB you need.

In essence, these drivers serve as the backbone of digital communication, ensuring that your devices operate harmoniously within the vast landscape of technology.




Realtek High Definition Audio – 32bit


Realtek High Definition Audio – 64bit

Version R2.79 (2015)



Realtek High Definition Audio – 32bit

Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Driver only (Executable file)

Version R2.82 (2017)



Realtek High Definition Audio – 64bit

Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Driver only (Executable file)

Version R2.82 (2017)



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