Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Driver

USB DriverProlific USB to Serial Comm Port driver. There are a number of products on the market in the USB to serial range of products. Prolific is the largest market holder currently. The issues which arrive with the Prolific Comm port Driver is that it tends to install like the old software modems. You first need to uninstall the current driver, then install the USB to Serial driver then the Port or Comms driver.

Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Driver

The issues are as follows:

Using the Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Driver can be a bit tricky, but I’ve broken down the issues into three main points:

Firstly, many people forget to disconnect the cable before they try to install the driver. It’s a simple step, but it makes a big difference. Secondly, if your computer already has any drivers for USB to Serial devices installed, you need to remove them before installing the new driver. This helps prevent conflicts and ensures the new driver works smoothly.

Lastly, when you’re installing the driver, make sure to install the device driver first before moving on to the Port or Comm driver. It’s like building a foundation before adding the walls to your house – you need the basics in place first for everything to work correctly.Remember, taking these steps in the right order can save you a lot of trouble and make sure your USB to Serial Comm Port Driver works without any problems!

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When it comes to USB to Serial products, Prolific is the leading brand in the market. However, there’s a common issue with their Comm Port Driver – it installs differently, a bit like the old software modems. Lastly also see the PL2303HXA Driver Phased Out as well as the article on what is a Prolific UART.


To make it work smoothly, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall Old Drivers: First, you have to remove any existing drivers on your computer.
  2. Install USB to Serial Driver: Next, install the USB to Serial driver. Think of this as the main component that makes the connection possible.
  3. Add Port or Comms Driver: Finally, install the Port or Comms driver. This step finalizes the setup, making sure your device functions properly.

Remember, it’s like building something step by step. You clear the space, lay down the foundation, and then put up the walls. Following this order ensures your Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Driver works just right!


You will best find the installation step by step Ft232r USB UART driver.  You can also find the Prolific drivers on this webiste.


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