Xperia XA Ultra Driver

USB DriverThe Xperia XA Ultra can connect to your computer using a software driver to make the connection. You can find others on this website such as the Xperia X Compact as well as the Sony Xperia XZ and also the Sony Xperia Z USB Driver on this website. Always check the version of your driver before you download the driver. There are a number of other Xperia drivers on this website as well as the Xperia Z1 l39h.

Xperia XA Ultra Driver

Xperia XA Ultra The internals of the driver shows that it was created for the mobile phone. You will need to follow the instructions for installing the driver. You will need to extract the file and then Right-Click on the file “so0117adb.inf” as seen below and then click on “Install” on the menu.

The driver will then install the Sony XA driver onto your computer. This will only take a few seconds to install the driver and it is easy to do as can be seen below. Is has been shown below as well for you to understand how to install an INF file.

  • Sony sa0117 ADB Interface Driver
  • Sony sa0117 ADB Interface
  • Sony sa0117 ADB Interface Installation disk
  • Sony sa0117

See how to install the driver below as this is an INF installation file.

Installation of the Xperia XA Ultra driver

Download the file below and extract the content. Then right-click on the INF file and Windows will install the driver. There are a number of other Xperia phone on here as well as the Xperia PC companion which you can also install and make a backup of your phone on your computer. Once you install this driver which is easy you can then install the Xperia for the backup of the mobile phone. Search this website for more information.


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Xperia XA Ultra Driver



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