Sonix USB PC Camera (SN9C102)

USB DriverDownload the Sonix USB PC Camera (SN9C102). The Sonix camera can be very generic. You can download the driver for the camera below. This is version of the camera and you can download this freely below. The Sonix is a a SN9C102 single-chip backend processor camera.

Sonix USB PC Camera (SN9C102)

This was the last driver released for the Sonix USB PC Camera SN9C102. always check your hardware before you install a driver to ensure you have the correct driver for the hardware. There are a number of Sonix cameras around. The hardware in the Sonix camera was used in other brand names. We know this as their hardware ID’s are all the same. See also the labtec webcam driver. Likewise see also the VIMICRO USB PC Camera Driver and Inspiron 15 5559 Webcam Driver.


Hardware ID

The hardware of the hardware is the USB\VID_0C45&PID_6130 you see below. There are other cameras that use this same driver. Yes, their brand name is different however their hardware are all their same.

Hardware ID:
USB\VID_0C45&PID_6130Compatible ID:

Compatible Camera Hardware

There are a number of other brands which use the same driver. We know this as they use the same hardware ID. There are two files below. The first is an EXE file which you can click on and install or install it in compatibility mode on Windows 10. Likewise see also the VIMICRO USB Camera 301PLH Driver.  The other is the INF files which will make installation easier if you cant install the driver with the EXE file. Other brands that use this hardware is:
  • USB PC Camera (SN9C120)
  • USB PC Camera-168
  • Trust Webcam
  • SN9C120_112
  • Hama Webcam AC-150
  • StarCam Genie
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These are similar cameras and they all use the same hardware and hence the same drivers. Sonix goes off as a generic USB camera driver much like the Chicony USB 2.0 camera driver as well as the USB 2.0 PC camera driver as well. There is also the SN9C103 as well as the Trust 120 Spacecam driver as well as the prolific drivers. Download the file below and then extract and click on the EXE file. Alternatively right-click on the EXE file and then click on ‘troubleshoot compatibility’ and Windows 10 will attempt to run it in an emulator mode.

There is a Lenovo generic driver which is Windows 10 native for three cameras. The Realtek version 10.0.14393.11263, as well as the Sunplus version and finally the Sonix version 6.0.1326.47. This was released in 2018 for the Windows 10 (64-bit). Lastly also see the usb\vid_0c45&pid_602c&rev_0101 hardware ID on here.


driver download

Sonix USB PC Camera


driver download

Sonix Lenovo Combo Windows 10 driver



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