OneTouch 7400 Driver

USB Driver

The OneTouch 7400 Driver from Visioneer is another USB flatbed scanner which is no longer manufactured much like the Visioneer Road Warrior 2 on this website. The drivers for the Visioneer One Touch 7400 has been listed below for downloading. Note that these are only the Twain drivers.

OneTouch 7400 Driver

The Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB scans images at up to 1200 dpi and 48-bit internal color. Note that it is/was a USB 2.0 powered and compatible with 1.1 ports with no external power needed. These are the Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP (SP2) certified TWAIN and WIA drivers for the scanner. There is also the cdm v2.12.28 whql certified driver on here.

Installing OneTouch 9220 USB

Download the file below and extract the content. Click on the EXE file and the driver will install. If this is a Windows 10 system then run the OneTouch 7400 driver in compatibility mode. This is done when you right-click on the EXE file and then click on ‘troubleshoot compatibility’ and Windows will then try and run the driver in an emulator mode for you. Sometimes this does not work but most times you can try all the options it give you. The hardware is old so take this into consideration. See also the OneTouch 9220 USB driver on here.


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OneTouch 7400 Driver



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