WD SES Error Code 28

USB DriverThere is a pretty common error with the WD SES driver which you can find on this website. Error 28 on the WD SES device is because the driver has not been installed correctly with the WD My Passport Essential. This happens with Windows updates and you will need to uninstall the current driver as well as remove the WD USB SES device from your computer. Restart and follow the instructions below.

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WD SES Error Code 31

USB DriverIf your Western Digital SES device is giving you an error then you should consider following the checklist below for more assistance as this error is rather common. There is an easy fix and you can do this in under 10 minutes and not receive this error again. The errors normally occur after Windows has run an update and this most times is what is giving your the error 31 in your device manager panel. You can also find the WD SES driver on this website.

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USB to Serial Drivers

USB DriverThe following are installation help pages as well as drivers for USB to Serial adapters. These range from the Minicom adapter as well as the Prolific adapter drivers as well as Windows and Linux instructions. Aten as well as Bafo make these adapters and you can check to see how best to use these and how to install them as well.

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Aten USB to Serial Driver (UC232A / UC232A1) Install

USB DriverBelow I will show you how to install the Aten USB to Serial driver in both Windows as well as in Linux. There is a Aten USB to Serial driver on this website and I have added it at the bottom again. We also cover a few of the most common error with the Aten USB to Serial Driver on this website. You also check the install for the Minicom  usb to rs232 driver as well as the Tripplite  usb to rs232 driver as well as the usb to rs232 driver.

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HP Laserjet P1108 Driver

USB DriverThe HP Laserjet p1108 driver can be found on this website and we will show you how to install the HP Laserjet p1108 driver onto your computer. Note that this is a 64bit driver for Windows and will ensure that you can use your printer. Note that this is a monochrome laser printer  from HP so check that you have the correct hardware for this software.

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BCM 43142a0 Driver – Solution

USB DriverIf you are having the following errors that the driver cannot be found then the solution to this problem has been added below. Common issues are bcm43142a0 asus as well as bcm43142a0 driver you can now look below for more information. You will need a driver for this as the Network Controller, USB Controller and BCM43142A0 has “No Drivers” and needs to be installed. This you will not only find in Asus products but also with HP products. Read More »

WD SES Device USB Driver Error

USB DriverThe WD SES USB drive does not need a driver as it is normally found in the Windows driver pack. If it shows an error then normally tour Windows has not been updated and you have an outdated driver list on your computer. The other option is that the drive might actually be damaged. So the first solution to a WD SES device error is to update the Windows OS that you are using.

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Epson L1300 Printer Driver 32bit + 64bit

USB DriverThe Epson L1300 Printer is still a well known and used printer. Below you will be able to find not only the driver for the Epson L1300 Printer but also how to install the printer on a Windows 10 system. You can see how this is done as it is a small 25mb file which you can download from this website. Search this website for other drivers in the Epson printer range.

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