Bluetooth not Working

Bluetooth not working. Following the installation of the Creators Update, which occurred automatically via Windows Update without any manual intervention on my part, I’ve encountered a significant issue with the functionality of Bluetooth on my computer.

Bluetooth not Working


Prior to this update, my CSR Bluetooth USB dongle (USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_8891) and Bluetooth mouse, specifically the Logitech MX Anyware 2, had been performing flawlessly. However, post-update, I’ve experienced a frustrating problem. Despite Windows indicating that the mouse is paired and connected, a corresponding LED on the mouse confirms this connection, the mouse exhibits no responsiveness whatsoever. The mouse pointer fails to move in tandem with my physical movements, and any mouse click registers no response.

It’s worth noting that the mouse itself is not to blame for these issues. I’ve verified its full functionality on another Windows 10 computer in my possession, one that hasn’t undergone the Creators Update as of yet. See also the USB Front ports not working? as well as the Genius MaxFire G-08 driver.

In an attempt to resolve this perplexing problem, I even took the step of removing the mouse from the “Bluetooth & other devices” list and subsequently re-adding it. The process of removal and re-pairing transpired without any hiccups. The correct mouse was promptly detected and paired once more. However, despite these efforts, the issue persists. The mouse continues to be recognized as paired and connected. Yet it remains unresponsive when I interact with it, either through button clicks or mouse movements.

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Hardware ID

It’s important to underscore that the only discernible alteration to my computer’s configuration was the installation of the Creators Update. My suspicions were further corroborated when I came across an article discussing Bluetooth-related problems experienced by users post-Creators Update installation. This revelation has led me to wonder whether the issues I’m currently facing are indeed a direct result of the Creators Update’s impact on Bluetooth functionality. Likewise also see the Hardware ID on here. Bluetooth not working is east to fix with the correct driver. Likewise also see the CP2104 and CP2102 on here.


With this in mind, I’m eager to ascertain whether there exists any subsequent update. Specifically one designed to address and rectify the Bluetooth-related complications that have arisen post-Creators Update. Is there a solution available to alleviate the issues I’m encountering, thereby restoring the seamless Bluetooth experience I once enjoyed?

Likewise attempt to fix the issue automatically. Just go to Start > Settings Update & Security >Troubleshoot. Under Find and fix other problems, select Bluetooth Run the troubleshooter.

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