Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth Driver

Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth DriverThis is the driver for the ThinkPad computer made by Lenovo. This is the Realtek rtl8723ae driver or Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth driver. Likewise this is the latest driver for Windows 7 and Windows 8 for your computer. This being Driver version 3.744.744.052913 was released in June 2013 so it was made for an updated operating system.

Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth Driver

The driver for the Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth driver is listed below for download. See also the Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth driver on this website. Download the file below and then proceed to extract the content. Inside is an EXE file and you should click on the EXE file and the driver will then install. Likewise the driver does not have an INF file such as the ft231x usb uart driver on here. This is very easy to complete.


Hardware ID

Realtek RTL8192CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC1
Microsoft Realtek RTL8192CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Realtek RTL8192CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Realtek RTL8191CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Microsoft Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n COMBO PCI-E NIC FOR RUSSIA
Microsoft Realtek RTL8192DE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC MAC
Realtek RTL8192DE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC MAC0
Realtek RTL8723AE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
TP-Link Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC

How does the Realtek RTL8723AE  work?

The Realtek RTL8723AE is a compact all-in-one chip, seamlessly combining a WLAN MAC, a 1T1R WLAN baseband, and RF components. This integration results in a high-performance wireless and Bluetooth device. See also the HP Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver.

Moreover, it features an integrated Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0 USB interface controller, enhancing its functionality. One of its strengths lies in the efficient coordination between 802.11 and Bluetooth, made possible by its integrated design. This integration optimizes its performance, allowing for smooth operation under various conditions.

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Additionally, the RTL8723AE incorporates advanced power control and packet traffic management, ensuring excellent coexistence performance. By integrating RF/PA/LNA for both 802.11n and Bluetooth, the need for external components is minimized. This design choice not only simplifies the setup but also improves overall efficiency.

Likewise  on the technical side, the 802.11 component supports a speedy 150Mbps PHY rate, ensuring reliable data transfer even over extended distances. Simultaneously, the Bluetooth segment supports the latest 3.0+HS/4.0+LE operation, providing users with a seamless experience across different usage scenarios.

If you encounter Bluetooth detection issues, remember to enable Discovery in your Windows settings. If the problem persists, it might indicate a hardware problem. In such cases, reaching out to HP support is advisable for further assistance.


What is the range on the Realtek RTL8723AE?

Realtek RTL8723AE WiFi can cover different distances depending on factors like surroundings, obstacles, and interference. A user shared that the WiFi works well within about 10 feet when the router is around 20 feet away. Please remember, this is just an approximate figure, and the actual range can differ.

To ensure the best performance, it’s advisable to keep your device reasonably close to the router or access point. If you’re facing range problems, consider trying a few solutions. You could update your drivers, tweak your router settings, or even think about using a WiFi extender. These options might help improve your WiFi’s reach and reliability.


What are some common router settings ?

Router Placement: Where you put your router matters. For the best coverage, position it in an open area at the center of your home. This central location ensures that everyone in the house gets a strong WiFi signal.

Frequency Selection: Likewise if your router is dual-band, you can choose between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 5 GHz band offers faster speeds but over shorter distances. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz band covers more distance, although it might face interference issues.

Quality of Service (QoS): QoS settings let you prioritize specific applications like online gaming or video streaming. By giving them priority, you ensure a smoother experience for these activities.

Security Settings: Your security settings, like MAC filters and the choice between WPA and WPA2 connections, impact WiFi range. These settings influence who can access your network and how securely.

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Likewise  it’s important to note that other factors, such as interference from other devices, physical obstacles, and technical problems with your devices, can also affect your WiFi range. If you’re dealing with significant issues, consulting a network professional is a wise step to resolve complex problems and optimize your WiFi setup. Lastly also see the Realtek USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet on here.


How to install Realtek RTL8723AE drivers

Here’s a step-by-step guide, keeping it simple:

1. Uninstall Current Drivers:

  • Likewise go to Device Manager.
  • Find “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Right-click “Realtek High Definition Audio”.
  • Select “Uninstall device”.
  • Check “Delete the driver software for this device”.
  • Click OK.

2. Download Realtek Audio Drivers:

  • Likewise  visit the Realtek website for your specific Windows version.
  • Alternatively, check your computer manufacturer’s website (like Lenovo, HP, Dell) or Intel’s official site for compatible drivers.

3. Install Realtek Driver:

  • Open the downloaded driver file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. The process might differ based on your Windows version.

4. Update Realtek Drivers:

  • Likewise after installation, keep your drivers up to date.
  • In Device Manager, find “sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Right-click the device and select “update driver”.

5. Restart Your Computer:

  • Always restart your computer after installing or updating drivers to ensure changes are applied.

Important Notes:

  • Likewise these steps are general and might vary based on your computer’s specifics. Refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions for exact details.
  • If you encounter issues, consider seeking help from a professional or your device’s manufacturer for support.

Remember, keeping your drivers updated ensures your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Likewise also see the Inspiron 3138 Realtek Network Driver on here.


Intel equivalent of Realtek RTL8723AE

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168:

  • Equivalent to Realtek RTL8723AE: Provides both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.
  • Compatibility Note: Compatibility depends on your specific system setup.
  • Guidance: Always follow manufacturer instructions or seek professional advice if uncertain.
  • Installation Caution: Replacing a wireless card might require technical expertise and additional hardware, such as antennas.
  • Professional Help: If you’re uncomfortable with this process, consider getting assistance from a professional.

This summary covers the crucial aspects of compatibility and installation considerations for wireless card replacement. Lastly see also the Realtek RTL8192CU Wireless Driver on here. Likewise the Sweex LW053 Driver.


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Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth

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