Unitek RS232 to USB driver

USB DriverDownload the Unitek RS232 to USB driver. If you wish to switch from the RS232 to USB then it will require a number of changes. There are a number of RS232 to USB adapters on the market. You can see below the different drivers for the different hardware that is available on the market. There are only three major hardware suppliers for the RS232 adpater. You can see these listed below. These are the USB driver.

Unitek RS232 to USB driver

The most commonly used chip is made by Prolific and the PL2303TA is a USB driver has been added to this website. You can see that this is cross connecting a PL2303TA to a RS232 driver adpater. These are cross adapter and you can find those here. The following are others such as the RS232 to USV driver which is explained below.

RS232 to USB driverThere is a Linux driver as well. The RS232 to USB for Linux is found here. There is also a Windows version for the Prolific RS232 to USB for Windows which is listed here. These are for the Prolific hardware chip you will find in the majority of the adapters. There are also other drivers. These can be Prolific as well as FTDI UART drivers. You can find the RS232 to USB FDTI drivers here.

These are the drivers which you will find on this website. There are mainly the two drivers being the Prolific and the FDTI which you will find here. Also note that the FT232R driver which is also common with adapters in this range. There is also the USB to RS232 driver which you will also find listed with the driver here.

The FTDI as well as Prolific are the most common drivers and hardware you will find on the market. You can also see how to install these and also see other hardware on the market place. Search this website for more information in this regard. See also the Prolific USB to Serial Driver on this website.


Unitek RS232 to USB cable

This is the Unitek USB to Serial RS232 adapter cable. The chipset inside the cable adapter is made by Prolific. These are all the Windows drivers for the cable including the latest Windows 11 driver for the Unitek RS232 adpater cable. The cable uses the PL2303 chipset.

It supports everything from  Windows 7, Server 2008R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012R2 as well as Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, 2019 and Windows 11. There is also MAC, Linux and Android drivers.

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Unitek RS232 to USB driver

Unitek RS232 to USB driver

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