UMAX usc 5800 Scanner Driver

The UMAX usc 5800 scanner driver or UMAX Astra 5800 scanner driver is a version of the UMAX scanner which was sold in India and very difficult to find. This mainly as the scanner was not sold everywhere. You can now download the driver for the UMAX usc 5800 scanner driver. See the UMAX Astra 5800 scanner driver down below for downloading.

UMAX usc 5800 Scanner Driver

You will note that there is a Linux version as well as a Windows 7 version. There two have been added below. The highest the UMAX usc 5800 Scanner Driverversion went was up to Windows 7. The production for the scanner was stopped 12 years ago as stated that it was mainly for the Indian market. If you have a Windows 10 machine then there are other options with this driver. You can see the same with the vistascan driver which is also on here as a UMAX.

Download the zip file below and extract the content. You should be able to install the driver from there. If it does not work then extract the zip file and then right-click on the EXE file and then click on ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’ and then Windows will try and install the driver in an emulation mode. I have been able to install the driver on Windows 10. As stated that if you have a problem with the installation then you will need to install the driver in the emulation mode.

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The Windows version as well as the Linux versions are also below for download. You can see from the driver date that the driver was released in India in 2009. This was as stated above the last driver released to the public in 2009. The scanner is mainly found in India so there are not that many on the secondhand market. None the less I will add it here much like the Benq 4300 scanner driver for Windows 7 which has also been added to this website.


driver download


UMAX Astra 5800 Scanner Driver (Windows)

UMAX Astra 5800 Scanner Driver (Linux)



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