Sandisk MobileMate Reader Driver

USB DriverBelow you will find the driver for the Sandisk stick. You will need to follow the following instructions to install the driver which has also been added below. Note that the driver for the Mobile Mate Stick from Sandisk will run on all systems.

Install Instructions:

  • Firstly you need to click on install;
  • The the message “The USB storage driver has been installed completely” appears, click OK.
  • Now simply close the window.
  • Next plug the ImageMate into the back USB port of your computer.
  • A message “New Hardware Found” will appear.
  • Double click My Computer.
  • Double click on the new Removable Disk drive(s).

You will need to plug it into the back of your computer. The front ports dont always work and many times the front USB ports will show that the device in not recognised which is common on certain motherboards.


Sandisk MobileMate Reader Driver



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