The hardware ID USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60 also the USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60\0001 and hardware IDs USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60&REV_0100 as well as the USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60 are listed below. Most times this is about a driver error or where the software does work with the hardware. 


When you get drivers from this site without making any changes, they’re linked to the specific numbers (VID and PID) assigned to CP210x devices by default. Likewise see the USB\VID_2B54&PID_5601 as well. These default settings are as follows:

Device Default VID Default PID CP2101-4/CP2102N 0x10C4 0xEA60 CP2105 0x10C4 0xEA70 CP2108 0x10C4 0xEA71 When you connect a CP210x device, you’ll need to install drivers that match the VID/PID combination of your device. You can do this by either manually downloading and installing the default driver or getting a modified driver using the utility found in AN200. Likewise see also the USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60 as well as the CP210x USB to UART bridge VCP drivers.

The CP2102 USB to UART is not only plug and play compliant but also USB 2.0 compliant. Moreover, you can explore other drivers for UART, like the FT232r USB UART driver Windows 10 64 bit and the hardware id which we know as follows which is the usb\vid_0403&pid_6001&rev_0600, which are available on this website.

See also  USB\VID_0489&PID_E055


Alternatively, you can let Windows Update handle the driver installation automatically. This method requires a different set of PIDs to be programmed onto the CP210x devices. This way, you can simply plug in your CP210x device to a Windows machine and use it without needing to manually download and install drivers. The PIDs needed for this method are listed below:

Device Windows Update VID Windows Update PID CP2101-4/CP2102N 0x10C4 0xEA63 CP2105 0x10C4 0xEA7A CP2108 0x10C4 0xEA7B.

Additionally, the hardware ID for the CP2102 USB to UART Bridge. Likewise the “USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA601,” uniquely identifies the CP2102 USB to UART Bridge device. This within the Windows operating system.

Lastly also see the CP210X drivers with Windows 11? as well as the Installing the CP2102 Driver articles.


CP2102 USB to UART Universal Bridge


driver download

CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Driver – Windows (Win 7.1 +Win 8)

CP2102 to UART Bridge Driver – Windows (Windows 10)

Likewise there is also the Linux driver.

CP2102 to UART Bridge Driver – Linux


Download Latest CP2102 Driver:

CP210x Universal Windows Driver (Version v11.3.0 Date:  6/24/2023)

CP210x VCP Windows (Version v6.7 Date: 9/3/2020)


CP2102 USB to UART Universal Bridge


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