Installing the CP2102 Driver

Installing the CP2102 driver is easy enough as can be seen below. You can download the CP2102 driver on this website. See what is needed when it comes to the UART driver and how to install the driver as well. Once you download the driver you will need to open the file and then click on the .exe file which would be either a 64bit program for the 32-bit program.

Installing the CP2102 Driver

First see what your operating system is. This can be 32bit as well as 64bit. Most Windows operating systems are 64bit and you can click on the x64 file in the zip which you can find here and then the file will install the driver for you. There is also the 32bit version as you can see in the graphic. This will show in the device manager later as can be seen.

Installing the CP2102 Driver

Once you click on the install file as seen above you can now click on next and then click on finished.

Now that it installed you will need to check if it is working. See the Device Manager on Windows for this.

device manager

You can now see the driver in the correct place. There it shows you the Silicon Labs CP210x USD to UART Bridge driver. This is also on this website and you can download the driver there.

silicon labs

Updated Drivers

That driver is now fully installed and you have now finished installing the CP2102 driver on your computer. The default drivers are for the VID and PID which has been programmed onto CP210x devices which is done by default. These defaults have now been listed below:

Device Default VID Default PID
CP2101-4/CP2102N 0x10C4 0xEA60
CP2105 0x10C4 0xEA70
CP2108 0x10C4 0xEA71

On a very important note. When you are attaching a CP210x device. It is best to install drivers the associated with the device’s VID/PID combination well before the device will be properly recognized. If you are going to use the Windows Update then the PIDS needs to be changed on the device.  The different set of PIDs to be programmed onto the CP210x  will look those those listed below.

Device Windows Update VID Windows Update PID
CP2101-4/CP2102N 0x10C4 0xEA63
CP2105 0x10C4 0xEA7A
CP2108 0x10C4 0xEA7B


If you cannot get the drivers to install correctly as its always shows as other device not as a port. Then you should install the drivers, remove the device and reboot the machine. Install the drivers again without the device attached and reboot again. Try another USB port on machine and while it boots insert the CP210x into a different USB port and waits until it recognises the device on a different port. This works most times. Troubleshoot USB port.


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