USB DriverThe hardware ID USB\VID_13D3&PID_3384 is like a unique fingerprint for a device called 20702A1 Azurewave. This ID helps us recognize different parts of a computer, and it’s like a secret code with three important parts.


First, there’s USB, which means the device connects using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) – the same kind of port you use for your phone charger. Next, we have VID_13D3, where 13D3 is like the device’s personal ID number. It tells us that the device comes from a company called Azurewave. Likewise see also the USB\VID_13D3&PID_3484 as well as the USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60.

Lastly, there’s PID_3384, which is another special ID number. It’s like the product’s personal code, and 3384 is the specific number for this device. Now, when we talk about “Azurewave standalone,” we’re likely talking about a device all on its own from Azurewave. Lastly note that this company is known for making things like wireless gadgets and stuff for watching videos.

Likewise, as for the important stuff inside, it seems to be linked with Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth 4.0. This means our device is a Bluetooth adapter, kind of like what makes your headphones connect to your phone. The “Qualcomm Atheros” part is like the brand name, and “Bluetooth 4.0” is the version it uses. Lastly also see the usb\vid_0a12&pid_0001&rev_8891 on this website.

Lastly note that even though other drivers might work, it’s safest to use the one made just for your device. This helps avoid any problems. This device shows up in different systems, but we don’t know all the details without knowing the specific model. Lastly for the best info, it’s smart to check what the company says in their manuals or support pages. Lastly also see the bcm43142a0 driver Windows 10 as well as the rtl8187 wireless driver Windows 10.

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