Apple iPod USB Driver

USB DriverThis is the Apple iPod USB driver which was released in 2012. If you are looking for a more updated driver then search the Apple website for more information and assistance. This is mainly for rolling back your drivers if they do not work any longer. This is both a 32bit and a 64bit version of the driver.

Apple iPod USB Driver

The iPod USB driver should work on most modern operating systems. Today many of the drivers are built into the driver files of Windows. This file you should only use if you are having problems with your current driver, or you are using an older system like Windows XP. The Apple iPod USB driver is for an older OS since it was released in 2015 and is already 7 years old. Apple released this as an usbmux64.inf for the driver.  Use this driver when everything else is failing. Note that you can also find the Actiontec BTM200 on this website as well as the Apple Bluetooth driver.

Install iPod 

To install the driver is very easy and the operating system does not matter. This can be a Windows 10 system or a Windows XP system. This will work on both. Apple did not make a standard driver but only an INF driver. Download the file below and then extract the file to your hard drive. When you are done you can then go and look where you extracted to files. Look for the usbmux64.inf and then right-click on the file and a menu pops up. At the top of the menu you will see “install”. Now left click on “install” and the driver will install. It takes about 2 seconds and Windows will then show that it found new hardware. The hardware will be the Apple iPod USB device. From there the Apple USB port will work.  See also the Android composite ADB interface driver Xiaomi on this website.

The internal writings on the driver states that it is for:

  • Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
  • Also the Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB Driver
  • Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver


Apple USB Driver



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