Creative Audio Driver

Computer DriverThe Gigabyte GA-6VM7-4E Creative audio driver has been added below. This is the older Windows 2000 as well as Windows XP operating system driver. These had been the last driver provided for this motherboard. You can download the zip file listed below and once you have downloaded it you can then open the file and click on the file inside. This will then install the drivers for the Gigabyte GA-6VM7-4E motherboard.

Creative Audio Driver

The sound cards in computers are normally generic audio drivers. Much like the Gigabyte GA-6VM7-4E it uses the Creative CT5880 audio card on the board. This is the latest driver for it which was released in 2002. Check your hardware as well as your software before you download the file. See also the Sony PC Companion as well as the hardware ID called the usb\vid_067b&pid_2303&rev_0300.

The Creative CT5880, also known as the Ensoniq 5880B or Creative Labs CT5880, came out in 1997. It was one of the last sound cards made by Ensoniq before Creative Technology took over. They designed it to be a simple and cheap option, hoping it would be popular with computer makers and sell a lot.

This sound card is a type that fits into a computer slot called PCI. It’s made up of a tiny chip that does the sound work and a converter that turns digital signals into sound. Back then, it was cool because it could play sound through four speakers, thanks to its support for Microsoft DirectSound3D. But you could only get that 4-speaker sound if the software you were using also supported it.

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Later on, Creative Labs rebranded this card with different names like Sound Blaster PCI 64, PCI 128, and Vibra PCI. The main sound chip, originally called Ensoniq ES1370, got a new name, Creative 5507, and got updated versions (ES1371 and ES1373) that were used for a few more years in different sound cards and even on motherboards. See also the article on the Webcam USB Drivers as well as the Gigabyte Q2440 BlueSoleil Driver.


What is the difference between CT5880 and ES1371?

Alright, so there are these two audio chips used in sound cards, the Creative Labs CT5880 and the Ensoniq ES1371. They’re kind of similar but have some differences. The CT5880 chip is basically a fancier version of the ES1371. You might find it in cheaper sound cards like the SB Creative VIBRA 128 PCI.

Now, the ES1371 is like the ES1370, but with a tweak – the Codec thing is now AC’97-compliant. Don’t worry too much about what that means, just know it’s a change they made. And here’s the cool part about the CT5880: it’s like a souped-up ES1371 because it can do this thing called 5.1 channel output. It’s like having really good surround sound for your music and games.

So, to break it down, the big difference is that the CT5880 can do this awesome 5.1 channel sound, while the ES1371 doesn’t have that feature. Likewise see also the No Sound issue in Google Chrome as well as the Creative Labs PD 1130 / Webcam NX Pro as well.


driver download

Gigabyte GA-6VM7-4E Creative Audio Driver


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