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See the CCleaner free download below. There are 4 versions from Piriform which you can use to clean your computer or your computers as work. Below you will find which options are available to you. This and which abilities are not included in each version. You can use the free version however if you are cleaning computers at the office. Then you might find the network version better at this. You can download CCleaner on this website. You can also purchase it from our affiliate link.

CCleaner Free Download

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The CCleaner software is a small utility for computers which are running Microsoft Windows. This allows you to very easily clean out all the files you don’t need. Many which has been accumulating on your computer since it was last cleaned. These include temporary files as well as broken shortcuts. Many which might not be relevant any longer. The software called CCleaner also allows you to remove your browsing history as well. As all your temporary internet files including Google Earth. This limits identity theft.

Do you need CCleaner?

You might be wondering why you should use this software. The answer is simply that your computer will start faster, work faster and above all remove all your browser history and improve your privacy on your computer. You can also see below some of the other advantages. Note that there are different version of CCleaner so you can find the comparisons on this website. You can look under which CCleaner is right for me.

Privacy: This allows you to delete your passwords as well as your Internet files which you can choose between different browsers. You might only want your Google Chrome cleaned and not your Mozilla which is possible with this software. You can also change you configuration files as well as remove system restore points if you are sharing a computer.

Security: If you are selling your computer with the OS in tact then CCleaner can remove all your personal data from the computer which includes passwords and other information such as personal information. You can also wipe all your free space which is needed if you are selling the computer as you dont want others using an undelete program to retrieve your data again. Erase all of those files forever. Note that you will need to check if you has an SSD drive or not.

Speed: Might not be a big issue with SSD drives but with other drives you will notice that the computer is much faster after removing all your junk files. This is normally only after you also ran the defragment utility on your computer. Normally after the junk files such as temporary files you are never going to use again you will need to rearrange the files with a defragment utility which is also built into CCleaner to speed up the computer. you can also see which files you do not wish to start when the computer boots up. This will shorten how long the computer takes to start after a reboot.

Stability: CCleaner allows you to repair and optimise your registry which allows you to repair the errors caused by software that has been uninstalled and not removed all its registry entries.

If you wish to clean your hard drive and remove all your internet traces then CCleaner is very good at this. You can see below what it can do and also what it cannot do. There are a number of options with CCleaner which you can also use which might be helpful in removing not only your internet steps or traces but you can also check and see what this software cannot do. CCleaner cannot remove viruses or malware but can only remove your temporary files and make you computer a small little bit faster.

What can CCleaner do?

These are some of the basic features of the program which you might enjoy.

CCleaner will remove all cookies and all tracing from where you surfed on the internet. It can also delete all your passwords if you so which and it can remove it from all browsers or only certain browsers. The utility will delete all your browser history and will automatically close or ask you to close your browser when it is still open to delete all your browsing habits from your computer. CCleaner has a very good reputation in this regards and is well known to protect your privacy on your computer.

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The software will also remove your recently used files shortcuts from your computer. This will protect your privacy when you do not wish to have anyone see what you have been looking at on your computer. This is very easy to do as there are many options in the easy to use menu to remove all of these shortcuts and other data which shows your browsing data and information on your computer.

Free Space Wipe

There is  also the option to wipe your free space but you should be careful about this when you have an SSD drive. All the temporary files and documents will be permanently deleted one this has been done by wiping your free space. There are a number of options in this regards. All traces of the documents will be removed so be careful what you are wanting to delete as you will not be able to recover any of these files again.

One of the places where people normally do not clean is their computer registry. CCleaner will look into the registry and remove all information that is no longer needed. Sometimes when you uninstall files or software it does not completely remove them from the registry making it bigger and bigger even though this information is not being used. CCleaner will remove all of these orphan information in your computers registry. This is a good way to optimise your registry in Windows 10.

If you want your computer to start faster without loading certain software then you will have this option in the software which allows you to decide which files will load first. This is a very easy way to get your computer to load Windows faster. Without this software it would be very difficult to control which programs loads as you would need to be very technically minded to change this on your own. With this utility it would be easy enough for anyone to do. Memory loads are reduced and Windows 10 will star much more faster.

What can CCleaner do?

Uninstall software with this software makes it very easy to remove your programs with one singular click. Removing software and programs from your computer has never been easier and it will also ensure that even the registry entries are properly removed. Life is very easy when using this software to uninstall any programs or software you dont need any ccleaner Registry Windows 10longer. Removing cookies are also very easy and you can decide which cookies you wish to remove and this is again very easy to do.

One last feature which was added to the program was you ability to remove duplicate files on your computer and which allows you to save hard driver space on your computer. This again is very easy to do as the menu system is very easy to understand.

Normally you want to optimise your registry in Windows 10 but are to afraid to make any of these changes. Yes, it is dangerous to play around in the registry because most people dont know what to do. With CCleaner you dont need to worry about this and the utility will optimise your registry without the risk of damaging your operating system. Registry cleaning with the CCleaner portable is easy as you can see below how to do this on your computer with very little risk.

Registry Cleaning Windows 10

Your registry in Windows 10 will over time, become cluttered with broken items as well as missing files because of all your installs, upgrades, as well as uninstalling software as well as updates over the months or years. With CCleaner portable you can clean out the Registry in Windows 10 so you will have a faster registry as well as having much fewer errors on your system.

How to clean your Registry:

  1. In the CCleaner utility software, click the Registry icon at left;
  2. There is an option to select which errors to look for; (Leave all of them selected)
  3. Now click on Scan for Issues at the bottom;
  4. Now the progress bar will show and all potential issues are highlighted;
  5. Once the scan is complete you can see a list of technical issues;
  6. You can now skip any of the issues found by right clicking on the issue and click Add to Exclude List.
  7. You will now be able to see all of the excluded files, folders, and Registry entries;
  8. Now you can click Fix selected issues and it will now fix all the Registry errors found;
  9. Note that there is an option to make a backup the Registry;
  10. Make the backup and click Yes;
  11. Show where you want to save the backup of the Registry;
  12. Note that the backup file ends in .REG;
  13. Now you have to click on Save;
  14. Now the CCleaner portable will show the first Registry problem and solution.

Uninstalling Programs Win 10

If you wish to uninstall software from your computer on Windows 10 then deleting the link does not uninstall the software. Uninstalling Programs Win 10You will need to uninstall the software using Windows 10 or using CCleaner to remove it for you properly. You can see how to do this with the easy to use interface with CCleaner portable. See how to uninstall software on your computer as seen below.

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If you wish to uninstall programs or software from Windows 10 then you can use the uninstall feature on Windows 10 or you can simply use CCleaner portable to remove the software for you.

CCleaner will also remove all the software as well as ensure that there are no issues with the registry in Windows 10 which can become a problem as it might not always remove all the shortcuts in the registry.


Procedures to uninstall programs

With this program the removal is done in a clean fashion.

– Click on Tools on the left side of the software;

– Click on Uninstall at the top;

– Now select the program you wish to remove;

– See the Programs to Remove list;

– Now you have the option of how to remove it;

– Click on Run Uninstaller which will use the programs built in uninstaller;

– You can also Rename Entry which will change the name;

– You can also Delete Entry which will only delete the entry but not the software.

If you wish to stop your computer loading programs when the computer starts then you can turn off the programs from loading when the computer starts in CCleaner portable. This is much easier to do than using Windows 10 or even Windows 8 or 7 shortcuts and procedures. Not all of us are very technical and this program makes it very easy to do without any technical known how. Simply follow the procedures as shown below to start certain programs from loading. You can also uninstall programs but some just dont want certain software from loading but still want to use it later.

Stop Auto-starting programs

Auto start programs at time can be annoying. These could be a printer driver loading when you dont use the print very often. You still want to have the driver but your dont want it to load each time you start or restart you computer as it makes the computer take longer to start. Windows drags along when it is loading and most times we simply want it to load faster even with an SSD drive.

Stop Auto-starting programs

Note that Windows has a complete list of what needs to be started automatically. This is held in the registry and installing and uninstalling does make the registry inefficient which means that it would need to be cleaned from time to time. There are two options with stopping an auto-start.

  1. Disable it – the item will still be in the auto-start list, but it won’t run.
  2. Delete it – the item is deleted from the auto-start list.

As stated you might at times simply want the programs not to load as you do not use it all the time. For this you can simply disable them instead of deleting them. Below we will show you how to disable it and it is very easy to do with this CCleaner portable which is free for use and it is fully functional.

The following is what you should do with this software in order to stop the auto starting of programs at boot time.

  1. Click on Tools on the sidebar;
  2. Click on Startup in the menu;
  3. Then Click on the program you wish to stop loading at boot;
  4. Click on Disable on the sidebar;
  5. You can also use [CTRL+Click] to choose multiple programs to disable;
  6. You can now restart or reboot your computer to see if it works.
  7. Download the CCleaner Portable software on this website.

Browser Cleaning

CCleaner became well known as a browser cleaner when it came out. Since then it has added more useful features and have kept on updating it every few months. What makes CCleaner portable so unique is that it separates your browsers and you can remove the browser history for each browser and not all together if you do not want to delete all of them. The browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Edge and possibly other into the future. CCleaner can perform a default clean on your ‘regular use’ browser and clean all data from your ‘secure’ browser.

Browser Cleaning

There are a number of options when cleaning your browser as you can clean out only certain things that you might want to delete and keep others. This with the CCleaner free download on here. As an example you can delete your browser history while still keeping your download history. You can see the options on the pictures at the bottom and you can decide what it is that you wish to keep. You click on Custom Clean to get all these options.

  • Temporary Internet Files (Internet Cache) – Files and photos which are on your computer from surfing the web;
  • History – All the website you have visited;
  • Cookies – Cookies are used to track your browsing habits;
  • Autocomplete Form History – Forms you completed with your information such as your name and email address in;
  • Recently Typed URL’s – URL’s which you have typed into the browser.

These are the most basic settings which can be changed. They are normally under the tab of Applications and you can see this in the options menu.


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CCleaner Free Download

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