Acer G205H Monitor Driver

USB DriverThis is the driver for the Acer G205H monitor for Windows 7. Always check to see if you have the correct hardware before you install a new driver. Also always ensure that you give the files you download from the internet a virus scan.

Acer G205H Monitor Driver

The identifying strings from the monitor driver has been listed below with the file. See the options on this website if you need a Malware Scanner or better yet a CCleaner for your computer. Much like other monitor drivers on this website. These include the Acer G195HQ as well as the Acer H236HL and the Acer B273HU driver . You will note that they all INF drivers.

These are small files that do not install in the standard way. They can also work on most operating systems. So we know that the Acer G205H monitor is older hardware, but this should still work on the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system. This if it is not already built into the Microsoft repository.

The monitor is an old monitor so its only an analog system. This is the Acer LCD monitor which did not come with the HDMI ports. From the driver signature you can see that it only says “G205H (Analog)”. This would by this time be an old second hand monitor. Lastly also see the Acer D240H Driver for Monitor on here as well.


Acer G205H Installation

Download the driver and then extract the files inside. Go to the directory where they had been extracted and then right-click on the INF file. The menu will popup and then click on “install” on the top of the menu. It takes about 2 seconds to install the driver. The window will then popup to show that new hardware has been detected. The installation of the Acer G205H monitor driver is now complete.

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Acer G205H Driver