Acer H236HL Monitor Driver

USB DriverThis is the Acer H236HL monitor driver. This is the monitor driver for the Acer H23HL. The Acer H236hl driver which uses Windows 8 both 32 bit as well as 64 bit. The monitor is very popular in Asia and this is the first version of the driver for the monitor. This driver gets rid of the bugs and you only need to extract the file and install the driver.

Acer H236HL Monitor Driver

You will note that the driver is large and is 15 MB in size. Always check that you have the correct hardware for this driver. The Acer H236hl driver unlike others in not an INF install but a standard driver. This will work on Windows 8 and you can try and run this in “compatibility mode” if you are running Windows 10. You can see further down how this is done as well as how the driver is installed.

There are also other drivers on here from older hardware. The most common is the Acer bluetooth driver as well as the CSR Harmony bluetooth 5.0 driver on this website. There is also the Acer G205H as well as the Acer G195HQ and the Acer TravelMate P453-MG. Least not forget the Acer Mirascan 342s and the Acer I110 Android MTP.

You can now download the Acer H236HL monitor driver for Windows 8 below.


Acer H236HL Monitor Driver


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