Cant access WD (Western Digital) SES

USB DriverUnderstand the can’t access WD (Western Digital) SES problem and howthis is solved. Likewise see also the WD My Passport USB Device. You can see how to fix this problem below. Note also there is also another article on here if this does not solve your problem.

Cant access WD (Western Digital) SES

To verify whether the device driver is missing, corrupt, or not loaded properly, please follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key + X, then select Device Manager.
2. Find the device in question.
3. Look for a yellow exclamation mark or a red cross mark over its icon.
4. Right-click on the device and choose Properties.
5. In the General tab, check the device status.

If the device status indicates that there is no driver loaded for the device, I recommend trying the steps outlined in this article and then checking again. Likewise see also the WD SES Device USB Device Driver as well as the WD SES Error Code 28. This is the same as the cant access WD (Western Digital) SES. There is also the WD SES Error Code 31 and WD SES Device USB Driver Error.

It seems that your My Passport 0748 device has a yellow exclamation point indicating an issue. The property message states:

“The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). There are no compatible drivers for this device.” In this case, you’ll need to install the appropriate drivers for your My Passport 0748 device. Lastly also see the driver ID called usb\vid_0403&pid_6001&rev_0600 on here.

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Download Samsung Android USB Driver


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