D-Link DU-CP LUCENT This is the Lucent version of the D-Link DU-CP card. This is the Lucent driver. Much like the D-Link DU-CS Driver this was designed for the Lucent brand. It comes under the generic name also of “DU-CP Parallel Interface Controller”. This driver is for a Windows XP operating system.


The lucent driver is another driver from the D-Link devices stable. This is an old driver for a device that is more than 9 years old. If you need to to run this on Windows XP then you are lucky as this was made for the old Windows XP operating systems. Now if you wish to run this on a modern Windows 10 machine then it will need to run in an emulator. You can see below how to install the driver in an emulation mode for Windows 10 as well as on Windows 11.

You can see the xin link cp driver here as well as the lucent driver as well. There is also the D-Link Serial Converter as well as the d link dib 120 and the wd ses device usb device as you can see.

You can download the driver below and then extract the content. Lucky that this is an INF driver and not a full driver.

lucent driver

These are the files that you will see. You will need to right-click on the USBCBL.INF file and then right-click on the file. The new menu will show you will then click on “install”. Once you do this Windows 10 will show you that it found new hardware. It will then install the instructions for the driver. This is not a full driver but the basic device driver which comes without software. Once installed you can then proceed to use the device. The driver will show up as “DU-CP Parallel Interface Controller” from D-Link.

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driver download



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