D Link DBT 120

D-Link Air DBT-120 USB BluetoothThe D Link DBT 120 is explained here. This is a Bluetooth driver for the D-Link Personal Air adapter DBT 120 USB. The D-Link Personal Air TM DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter is a very compact, low-profile solution based on the Bluetooth 1.1 specification, making it compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

D Link DBT 120

This driver can be used on a number of other devices as many companies made use of the chipset in this adapter. The driver will work on any of the products below. Thye hardware is a generic driver which is used by a number of other device from different manufacturers. There is also the Biostar Hi-Fi H170S3H on this website however the driver we are talking about has been added below.

There is the D Link Brand

  • D-Link DBT in DFU State

Also there is the Ericsson Brand

  • Ericsson BV USB Bluetooth Device
  • Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device 1.2

There is the other Brand

  • GIANT Bluetooth Device
  • Belkin Bluetooth Device
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Device
  • ICSI Bluetooth USB Device
  • Philips BluePearl Bluetooth USB Device
  • Itronix Bluetooth Device

You can install this driver by downloading the file and then extracting the content. The file is bit big at 20mb however when done simply extract the files inside. From there you will need to click on the install file and the driver will install and Windows will then state that it has found new hardware. The driver will work on any of the other devices on this website as well. More likely than not the device is also using a WIDCOMM chip. This includes the Intronix as well as the Belkin Bluetooth device. The D Link 120 will be no different in this regard. See also the Prolific USB to Serial Driver and D-Link DU 128TA which is also on here.

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Try this older driver if the latest one os not working or giving you bluescreens and errors. This much like the Samsung USB errors which some people experience. Sometimes a rollback makes the devices work again. See also how to run a old device on a Windows 10 machine with the Chicony USB 2.0 camera driver Windows 7 on here. See also the TL-WN722N Troubleshooting and WinFast TV2000 XP Expert if you are having other types of problems.


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D-Link Air DBT-120 USB Bluetooth