LG E400 USB Driver

USB DriverDownload the LG E400 USB driver here. The LG E-400 mobile phone has become very popular in Asia. The most common issue is updating the drivers as well as clearing the memory of the mobile phone. The USB driver has been listed below for download however with the LG it is a 2 step process to connect your phone to your computer with tethering.

LG E400 USB Driver

The first issue is clearing the memory. In order to get more space on your LG E400. You first need to move all your contacts to the SIM inside the phone. You then need to copy your media and files to your computer with the driver listed below. Once you have moved all the media off the phone and backed up your contacts you need to do the following on the phone:

Go into the applications -> select settings -> select the sub heading for “Applications” -> select the option in here for “Manage Apps” and then select “Clear Data”

The second issue of connecting the phone with tethering to your computer. You first need to download the USB driver listed below which will work on Windows XP, Vista, and Win7. Once this is downloaded you need to download the second file being the LG support tool. Once you are connected you can transfer all your files to your computer. This and delete the files on your mobile phone.

There are also other devices on this website. There is the LG United mobile driver as well as the UART hardware ID number  of usb\vid_067b&pid_2303&rev_0300 which is a Prolific device. You can search this website for other devices as well as some of them are mobile phone drivers. The LG mobile phone is the most common driver next to the Samsung Mobile Phone USB Driver as you can see. There is also the LG g6 drivers.

LG E400 USB Driver (Windows XP, Vista, and Win7)

LG E400 Support Tool (Windows XP, Vista, and Win7)

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