D-Link DU-CS Driver

D-Link DU-CS DriverThe D-Link DU-CS Driver comes with the description of being a “D-Link DU-CS Serial On USB Port”. The chipset has been used elsewhere by two other companies and these have been listed on their brands being “USB to Serial Converter Driver (Philips)” and also “USB Serenum Filter Driver”.

D-Link DU-CS Driver

Note that this is a Windows XP driver and the driver is listed below. You will see that this is an INF file and I will now explain to you how this gets installed. The installation of the driver is similar to the Longshine LCS-8033H NEC Driver as well as the D-Link DU 520 Driver as you will see.

The D-Link driver below was released many years ago for the Windows XP operating system. Download the ZIP file below and then extract the content. There are only two files inside. The INF files reads this driver as a USB to Serial Converter Device Driver for WIn2K driver for Windows 2000. This D-Link DU-CS Serial On USB Port was released in 2001, so its a very old driver file.

You will need to right-click on the INF file and then click on “install” on the new menu. Windows will then install the driver for you. You will note that even Windows 10 will show that there has been new hardware found and that it has installed the driver. This is a Serial On USB Port device and you will need to ensure that the hardware is connected to your computer before the install. Restart your computer and then check the device status.

The Com port shows as the hardware ID as USB\VID_0711&PID_0230 which you will then know that you have the correct hardware. Search this website for more information and assistance with regards to your driver files. See the side bar on the right-hand side of this website for more information.


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Download D-Link DU-CS Driver



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