Netis WF2119S USB Driver

USB DriverSo the Netis wf2119s driver has been added below. The driver was updated in August 2016 and this driver should work on most operating systems. Its a large file so check your driver version on your computer as this is driver version 1026.13.0625.2014 for the Netis WF2119S USB network adapter. You can also see the Netis driver located here.

Netis WF2119S USB Driver

The update fixed a number of errors such as adding registry to control adaptivity as well as the INF errors. It also added debug architecture for OID as well as the connection failure at b mode and the Windows XP and the 64bit driver errors the initial versions had. You can download the driver file below and install the driver on your computer over the older driver.

You will need to download the file and then extract the content. In there you will find the install file and you can click on this to install the driver. This is a XP/Win7/Vista driver from 2016. If you are using Windows 10 then it should be in your driver files from Windows Microsoft. See also the fx516pc driver as well

If it is not then you can download the file below and then extract the content. Then right-click on the INI file which is the “IsConfig.ini” file and then click on “install” on the new menu which opens. Windows 10 will then install the driver for you. Most times for this version of the RealTek driver it will install on it own without issue on a Windows 10 machine. The netis wf2119s driver will then install and then you will need to restart or reboot your computer.

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There are also other drivers on here such as the marvell 61xx as well. That one is meant for a Windows 10 computer. Search this website for more drivers for your computer.


Netis WF2119S USB Driver



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