Sager NP7260 BlueSoleil Driver

BlueSoleil BluetoothThe driver for the Sager NP7260 BlueSoleil Driver is listed below and it is a Windows XP driver. You will need to run the software in compatibility mode for any other operating system. Download the file, extract its contents and then ‘right-click’ on the setup file and an option will be in the menu to run it in compatibility mode. See on the respective pages as to how to run the driver in compatibility mode.

Sager NP7260 BlueSoleil Driver

The Sager NP7260 BlueSoleil acts as a bridge, enabling the Sager NP7260 device to communicate effortlessly with an array of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, headsets, and gaming controllers. It facilitates quick Bluetooth 1.2 connections and seamlessly coexists with Wi-Fi using Bluetooth 1.2 AFH.

This driver adapts to different data rates, supporting Bluetooth scatternet for compatible devices. It functions in standard modes like page, inquiry, page-scan, and inquiry-scan, making device discovery and connection smooth. Handling tasks like pairing, authentication, and encryption, it allows devices to seamlessly integrate into existing networks.

Moreover, it offers customization options for manufacturers, providing flexibility for specific needs. The driver’s ability to switch between HID mode and HCI mode enhances its versatility. It also features the Network Access Point (NAP) function, enabling seamless connections within Personal Area Networks (PAN).

BlueSoleil Drivers

There are a number of BlueSoleil Bluetooth drivers on this website for a number of adapters. Sager no longer supports any of their older hardware and it has become impossible to find the driver. These other drivers might work on your computer and they have been listed below:

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You will note that both products above even though the one is made by Eminent and the other used in Gigabyte. Both the hardware in these are from the BlueSoleil range of bluetooth drivers. You can also see the generic driver below as well as other hardware also using the BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver.

Billionton makes well known DSL routers. There is also a range of bluetooth adapters which they made. Much like those above you will note that they all use the BlueSoleil bluetooth hardware. The brand name might be different but the hardware is all the same.

You can search this website for more USB drivers from a number of vendors. also note that the last three on this page covers the generic Bluetooth driver as well as the SMC version of it as well as the Billionton ethernet driver. You can also find these bluetooth drivers on their respective links. See also the linksys wusb600n driver.