Samsung NP-X25DOCK Bluetooth

USB DriverThis is the Windows XP driver for the Samsung NP-X25 DOCK Bluetooth USB Adapter Driver 5.1.2600.2180 for XP. Ensure that you have the correct hardware as the names for some of the devices are very similar. You will note that there is also a Samsung NP-X25 K000 Bluetooth USB Adapter on this website.  

Samsung NP-X25 DOCK Bluetooth

You can now download the Samsung NP-X25 DOCK Bluetooth USB driver below. Check your version of the software before you download and install the driver. If the driver is already installed then the software will tell you that you already have the current driver. You can install this driver automatically over the older one which you may already have. As you will note that this is a Windows XP driver. Likewise see also the BlueSoleil Bluetooth Driver.

The Samsung NP-X25DOCK laptop has a special Bluetooth feature that lets you connect it to things like wireless headphones and speakers. But remember, how well it works might depend on what you’re trying to connect to, so it might not work perfectly with every device. Read further on the Samsung NP-X25DOCK Bluetooth on here.

You will need to download the ZIP file and extract the exe file inside. From there you will then need to click on the setup file. The driver will then install. There is no INF file in this unlike the Samsung usb driver for mobile phones or the samsung_android driver as an example. You will need to right-click on the EXE file after you extracted it. Then you will need to click on “troubleshoot compatibility” in the menu. Windows 10 as an example will attempt to run the driver in the emulation mode of Windows. This is similar to the Samsung Syncmaster 2233rz setup.

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There are a number of other Samsung drivers on this website and you can see those as well for further help. The bluetooth driver for Samsung tends to but not always work on all of them. This mainly as the hardware tends to be the same. Again this is not always like this. You can search this website on the side bar for other Bluetooth drivers such as the csr bluetooth driver Windows 7 driver which is also on this website.

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Samsung NP-X25 DOCK Bluetooth