Sony Xperia J USB + ADB driver

USB DriverThe Sony Xperia J USB driver or the adb Sony Xperia has been added below with the internals from the driver posted below. There are two drivers below being the Sony Xperia J USB driver as well as the ADB driver for the mobile phone. The ADB driver is mainly used for debugging when there is a problem however the software listed below as the driver will allow you to access the menu system of the Xperia J as well as transfer files between the mobile phone and your computer.

Sony Xperia J USB + ADB driver

You can find other USB drivers on this website such as the Xperia XA Ultra as well as the  Xperia X Compact. The driver is very easy to install. Download the zip file below and then extract the contents of the file to a directory of your choice. You can Right-Click on the file called “so0101rndis.inf”. That is the easier way to install a drive with an .inf file.

  • Sony so0101 ADB Interface Driver
  • Sony so0101 ADB Interface

See also the hardware ID usb\vid_0fce&pid_adde on here.

  • Sony so0101 ADB Interface Installation disk
  • Sony so0101

See how this INF driver is installed on your computer, be this a Windows 10 operating system. Download the zip file and then extract the content. From there you will need to find the INF file and then right-click on the file and the Sony Xperia J driver will install. You will note that Windows will show that it has found new hardware and that the driver has been installed. There is also the ADB driver bother the older and newer version. Likewise see also the Xperia X Compact Driver on here.

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Installing the Xperia Driver

Hey there! Dealing with drivers might seem a bit annoying, but Sony wants to make sure each of their devices gets the right attention. Sometimes, the driver for one Xperia might work for another, but if you run into a problem, it’s smart to use the specific driver that Sony provides. If you have a Sony Xperia J and you’re using a Windows PC, here’s how you can get the right driver set.

First off, you’ll find an archive file below that has all the Xperia J driver files you need. But here’s the tricky part: installing the driver isn’t as simple as clicking on a setup file. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got your back, and we’ll walk you through the whole process.

This is the same as the Sony ADB driver which is also repeated on this website again. There is also s way to install the driver. There is also the PC companion for Sony on here.

To install the Xperia J driver, start by extracting the zip file you downloaded from the link above. Create a new folder and put all the files in there. Now, connect your Xperia J to your PC. Even if it doesn’t get recognized automatically, that’s okay. We’ll install the driver manually. Just keep your device connected until the drivers are all set up.

Open the device manager on your PC, and look for the Xperia J device. It might have an exclamation mark because the right drivers aren’t there yet. You might find it under ‘other devices.’ Once you spot it, right-click and choose ‘Update driver software. Likewise see the Sony Xperia Z USB Driver as well as the ASUS Android ADB Interface Driver.

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Download the Xperia Driver

Next, pick ‘Browse my computer for driver software,’ and then choose the folder where you put all the Xperia J driver files. Click next, and your PC will start searching for the right driver, installing them automatically once it finds them.

See also the Sony Ericsson k750i as well as the Sony C1604. You will also find the hardware ID as the Sony Ericsson ADB Interface Driver which is usb\vid_0fce&pid_adde&rev_0100 as well as usb vid_0fce&pid_adde&rev_0100 driver download as well.


driver download

Sony Xperia J USB Driver

ADB Driver – Version 1.43

ADB Driver – Version 1.30



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