Xperia X Compact Driver

USB DriverThe Xperia X Compact USB driver or Sony Xperia XA compact has been added below. You will need to download the zip file below and install the driver from there. Note that there are two versions of the ADB driver, the older version and also the new version. The Xperia X Compact is a very high end camera and the driver will allow you to install the software and backup your phone or simply to access the main storage on your phone from your computer.

Xperia X Compact Driver 

The internals of the driver reads as follows:

  • Sony sa0115 ADB Interface Driver
  • Sony sa0115 ADB Interface
  • Sony sa0115 ADB Interface Installation disk
  • Sony sa0115

Hey, when it comes to the Sony Xperia X Compact, it goes by another name too – Sony F53211. Think of it like a secret code or model number for the device. But here’s the trick: this code might change depending on where you are or which carrier you’re hooked up with. To crack the code and find the exact model number for your device, take a peek in the settings or look for a label on the physical body of your phone.

sony xperia xa compactThe internals of the driver for the Xperia X compact reads the same as the USB driver for the Xperia XZ mobile phone which you can also find on this website. Note that there is also the ADB driver listed below. If the newer version does not work then look at using the older version of the driver which has also been added below. This is how to install the sony xperia xa compact driver on your computer. Note that there is also the Xperia PC companion on this website. See also the Xperia Z1 l39h as well as the Xperia T2 Ultra driver.

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Sony Xperia XA Compact Installation

If you want to install the Sony Xperia XA compact then read further. You will need to extract all the files in the driver zip file. Then you will need to look in the directory where you extracted the file. Look for the file — sa0115adb.inf and Right-Click on the file and then click on “Install” in the menu. Windows will tell you that it has found new software and then complete the installation file. Now reboot your computer for the driver installation then it is complete. Likewise also see the articles on the Xperia XA Ultra Driver as well as the Sony Xperia X drivers.


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Xperia X USB Driver

ADB Driver – Version 1.43

ADB Driver – Version 1.30

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