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RS232 to USB driver

USB DriverIf you wish to switch from the RS232 to USB then it will require a number of changes. There are a number of RS232 to USB adapters on the market. You can see below the different drivers for the different hardware that is available on the market. There are only three major hardware suppliers for the RS232 adpater. You can see these listed below. These are the USB driver.

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RS232 to RS485 Port Troubleshooting

USB DriverIf you want to test the RS232 port then you will need to follow the steps as detailed below. This is an easy way to test the RS232 to an RS485 port. These ports are the additional ports that you will find when you connect your RS232 port to your USB port. See the troubleshooting test below as well as the RS232 troubleshooting guide on this website as well. The test is similar when checking the drivers.

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RS232 – RS422 Converter

USB DriverIf you are trying to convert the RS232 signal to another signal such as the RS422 then your will need a RS232 – RS422 converter to achieve this. The XS202 from US Converters LLC is a bi-directional RS232 to RS422 converter which is port powered how you can add additional power if needed such as an external 5VDC power source which needs a 6 pin DB9 Terminal Block Header.

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FT232R and FT245R USB UART Drivers

USB DriverYou do not normally need a UART driver for the devices as they are treated by the computer in the same way as the BM series devices. That noted that any driver which worked on the BM series devices will also now work with the R series devices.  Note that there are some new functionalities which may now require the most recent drivers for the devices.

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RS232 Physical Properties

USB DriverYou can find the RS232 pinout on this website as well. These are the other characteristics of the RS232 interface which you might also find of interest. Below we will explain the communication methods capable of communicating in different environments. Note that voltage and distance is important with the RS232 standard. Also note the baud rates with distance as well as other specifications so look at the FT232R driver also on this website.

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RS232 Cable Pinout

USB DriverIf you have been in computers for a while then you will know that selecting the right RS232 serial cable can be a problem. Below you will find some information on the most common serial RS232 cables in normal computer use. You can find the pinouts for the RS232 cable listed below as well as other information on the RS232 driver. Some would like to use a USB cable on it. Search this website for more information.

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